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Post Festive Season Tips To Rejuvenate the Skin and Body.

January 07, 2019

Post Festive Season Tips To Rejuvenate the Skin and Body.

Despite the age, wrinkles and sagging seem to be a hot topic of conversation in my clinic almost on a daily basis. Now, this can actually be the case even when the main complaint is anything but the body’s process of ageing. The truth is the sicker we are the more we age and this can be due to a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be the illness and secondly it can be the medications taken for the illness. Additionally, the food we eat and lifestyle we live will all speed up or slow down the ageing process. I have devised this list for you to use as a guide to help make the right choices and also help you compensate if there is illness and medications that are out of your control.

Speed Up Ageing

Slow Ageing Down
Illness – especially long term illness


Medications Meditation
Lifestyle: Exercise
Alcohol Early Nights
Stress Management of Stress and Life’s Expectation
Late Nights Earthing
Recreational Drugs Enjoy Self Help books Daily
Excessive Sun Exposure Diet:
Diet: Anti-oxidant Rich Foods
Sugar Foods High in Omega Fats, Vitamin C, Zinc
Refined Carbohydrates Camel Milk due to its anti-inflammatory effects
Trans Fats – usually from take away stores Whole foods
Inflammatory Food Avoid Using the Microwave Oven
Missing Meals Choose Organic
Processed Foods Grow Anything You Can in Your Garden

There are certainly items in the Speed up Ageing list that will either be enjoyed from time to time or happen from time to time. An occasional drink of alcohol or enjoying the sun on a beautiful day when you have experienced months of cold weather is not a big deal. With anything in life it is all about moderation and really focusing on doing the right thing 80% of the time and enjoying the splurges around 20% of the time.

If you are managing a health issue or skin condition, then 20% of the time may be too much for you and this is where individual differences apply. Always focus on how your body is dealing with these things and if any turn out to be triggers for your body then stay well away from them.

Needing Guidance?

We have many resources for you to use to help you recover form the festive season.

Organic Herbal Teas:

A great one for post festivities and partying would be the Digest and Detox Tea and the Luminosi-tea. Both teas promote optimal health with Digest and Detox Tea being focused on helping the body with its natural process of eliminating toxins while the Luminosi-tea will help you get that glow in your skin.


In Clinic:

We offer one on one consultations to tailor a treatment specific for your needs. Whether it be for skin health or anti-ageing we have a treatment ready for you.

In 2019 we will be incorporating various tools in our Collagen Induction Therapy and our Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment which include micro-current tools and LED light therapy.

These treatments are fantastic for ageing/mature skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin and eczema and psoriasis.

Plus, we have been able to reduce our treatment to $150 from $240 (herbs not included unless a 6 or 12 treatment package is purchased).

For more information, call Irene on 9888 4129.


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