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Pure Delicacy Trial Pack

Redness and Sensitive skin can be really frustrating to find the right skincare to help with rejuvenating and hydrating the dehydrated epidermis causing the sensitivity. We have made trialing Pure Delicacy easy with our Essential Trial Pack. 

In the trial pack you will receive all the basic essentials you need to see your skin health be rejuvenated. 

The Essentials Pack Includes:

Gentle Cleansing Lotion with Quangdong Extract (Cleanse) 50mls

Gentle Cleansing Lotion is formulated to reduce skin sensitivity, while gently balancing the skin and restoring hydration. This is a non-irritant cleanser that gently removes impurities in the skin's pores while being non-comedogenic.

Active Green Tea Spritzer (Cleanse + Hydrate) 50mls

Active Green Tea Spritzer contains a strong antioxidant Green Tea, which together with the other active ingredients completes the cleansing process while assists in repairing the skin.


Botanical Hydrating Masque (Exfoliate) 10g

Botanical Hydrating Masque is an invigorating clay based masque which contains botanical extracts and specialised oil absorbing ingredients. Together they act to draw out impurities that are imbedded in the skin as well as removing the dead cells on your skin's surface. This exfoliation process provides a smoother and silkier feel to your skin while being gentle to protect the delicate nature of sensitive skin.

Moisture Enhancing Day Cream (Beautify + Hydrate + Nourish + Repair) 10g

Moisture Enhancing Day Cream is filled with anti-oxidants to nourish the skin while additional vitamins and botanicals act to repair the skin's barrier.

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