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  • 50% of the population in Australia have some type of skin sensitivity.
  • 80% of people aged between 11-30 years have experienced an acne break out at some point.
  • The ageing population in Australia is constantly increasing.



Skin conditions are challenging to treat. Many patients go to their local doctor or dermatologist and find little if any relief. Often at this point, many people start to search for relief from natural health practitioners such as TCM practitioners.
As Chinese Medicine practitioners we understand many treatments aren't addressing the root cause of the skin problem. Typically, we recommend a change in diet and lifestyle coupled with a treatment in herbal medicine and a course in acupuncture treatments.


But is this enough to get the results the patient is so desperately searching for?


In this 4-hour webinar you will find out:

  • The skin’s physiological changes in acneic, sensitive and mature skin and what is required to rectify this imbalance.
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture techniques for acneic, sensitive and mature skin to improve the rejuvenation process in the skin.
  • How to improve patient compliance by speeding up results.
  • Which herbs, when applied topically, are suitable for acneic, sensitive and mature skin.
  • Additionally, which other nutrients (healing oils and botanical extracts), when applied topically, will encourage the healing process in acneic, sensitive and mature skin.
  • How Salubre Cosmeceuticals delivers Chinese medical benefits straight into the skin.
  • Dietary and Lifestyle advice your patients must know to compliment your treatment strategy.

Plus 4 CPE Points for Members Registered with AACMA, ATMS, Acupuncture New Zealand.

ABOUT IRENE PRANTALOS (the presenter):

Irene Prantalos IVF Acupuncture

Irene was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 11. Her journey tried many treatments that failed to give her any relief. After her second failed attempt in hospital, Irene turned to Chinese Medicine out of pure desperation. Within 2 months, the psoriasis had gone and Irene experienced normal skin for the first time in years. But this was not the end of her journey. Deciding to find out why this treatment worked when so many had failed her, Irene enrolled into RMIT to study Chinese Medicine.

The most valuable piece of information she learnt was the importance of treating skin diseases both topically and internally. “Chinese Medicine is absolutely brilliant when it comes to treating skin diseases. It does however, take time and although I had the diligence to continue the treatment for as long as necessary, I noticed in clinic many patients didn’t. We live in a society that we need results and we need them yesterday, the only way this will be achieved with Chinese Medicine, is through complimenting treatments with a topical approach, namely herbal skincare and cosmetic acupuncture.”

Over the years, Irene spoke to many of her peers and often hearing they chose not to treat dermatological issues due to the challenges associated with patient compliance and quickly resolving issues. Irene knows without Chinese Medicine she would still be bed ridden in her parent’s home, and so has become her passion to instil confidence in practitioners to treat these skin conditions with an approach that will help their patients see the results they are so desperately looking for.

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