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Eczema / Dermatitis: Before and After Treatment

Perioral Dermatitis - Sarah*

A 15-year-old girl with a history of feeling anxious and stressed started to present with perioral dermatitis. This rash on her face was adding to the stress and anxiety and so she consulted a general practitioner for some help in the treatment of the perioral dermatitis. 

Initially the treatment was to apply topical corticosteroids on the affected areas 1-2 times per day. Within a very short period of time the redness reduced but to Sarah's angst it started to come back. This initiated a second visit to the general practitioner whereby a different corticosteroid was prescribed. Unfortunately, this time the steroid caused the perioral dermatitis to get more red, spread and form blisters.

At this stage Sarah came in with her mother with the anxiety and dermatitis both being quite high. I knew the underlying stress and anxiety was the instigator for the perioral dermatitis, but at the initial stage my focus needed to be on the rash as this was intensifying the emotions. The herbal medicines prescribed were focused on reducing inflammation, blisters in the skin and stop the spreading of the perioral dermatitis.

Within 13 days the perioral dermatitis had reduced significantly but seemed to plateau. There were minor changes made to the herbal medicine, which resumed the healing of the rash on the skin. The redness was reducing, and the weeping started to calm down. There was also itchiness around the mouth, which had subsided allowing the skin to heal without any further irritation caused by scratching.

Within a month of starting treatment, the skin healed beautifully.

Dermatitis patient before and after images

Dermatitis on the Hands – Jane*

Jane is a patient at Salubre Skin Clinic. On this particular day, Jane mentioned some dermatitis on her hands and was interested to know if there was anything that could be done for it. 

Dermatitis is a very common skin condition which has become more prevalent with the excessive use of hand sanitisers during the COVID pandemic. Often external irritates or something the person has ingested disrupts the healthy skin barrier by causing inflammation to affect the skin. The result is dry, itchy skin that feels like it's burning. 

Skin affected by dermatitis is damaged and so the skin barrier can not protect the underlying cells from the external environment. By reducing the inflammation in the skin, we can rejuvenate the damaged skin barrier and reinstate an ‘intact’ skin surface.

I suggested the Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream as the formulation is concentrated with a combination of anti-inflammatory healing oils and botanical extracts. This has a dual effect by healing oils such as tamanu, andiroba, jojoba, kokum butter, and the botanical extracts skullcap, white peony, nettle, dandelion, chamomile and calendula as well as MSM and colloidal oatmeal, makes the Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream a soothing way to healing the skin and restoring the healthy skin barrier.

"Hi Dr Irene,

I just thought I would let you know how amazingly the skin cream is and how it’s impacted my dermatitis.

I have taken some photos to show you, these were taken yesterday.

You so help me every time & I’m so grateful.

Have a lovely day,


Dermatitis on hands before and after images

*Please note names were changed to keep patient details confidential.


Holistic Treatment for Chronic Eczema– Anna*

Anna*, a lifelong eczema sufferer, had been battling the condition with limited success. Recently, chronic stress due to a relationship breakdown exacerbated her condition, leading her to rely on steroid creams for management. Despite avoiding gluten and dairy, her skin condition showed no significant improvement.

At the onset of her treatment, Anna's eczema was localized to her foot. However, within a couple of weeks of beginning the new treatment protocol, she experienced a "healing crisis," where the eczema spread to her entire body. This reaction is common in individuals with prolonged steroid use as the body begins to detoxify.

The primary goal was to achieve rapid skin clearance by addressing the underlying inflammation that had plagued Anna for decades, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Anna was placed on a comprehensive treatment and nutritional plan aimed at healing her body from within. The approach included:

* A personalized nutritional plan

* Elimination of inflammatory triggers

* Holistic healing practices

Remarkably, within 8 weeks of adhering to the treatment protocol, Anna's skin cleared completely. This improvement was sustained, and 7 months post-treatment, her skin remains 100% clear despite the presence of ongoing stress.

This case demonstrates that stress, while a significant factor in many diseases, does not have to lead to chronic conditions if the body is supported to heal and build resilience. By addressing the root causes of inflammation and promoting holistic healing, it is possible to manage and even overcome chronic eczema effectively.

Key Insights

- Chronic stress can exacerbate skin conditions but can be managed through holistic treatment.

- Steroid creams offer a false sense of security while in fact exacerbating the disease. Addressing underlying inflammation is crucial for long-term healing.

- Personalised nutritional and holistic treatment plans can lead to significant and sustained improvements in skin health.

This case underscores the importance of treating the body as a whole to promote resilience and healing, enabling it to better handle stress without succumbing to chronic ailments.


Healing of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) in a Paediatric Patient - Maddi*

Patient Profile:

- Name: Maddi (pseudonym)

- Age: 15 years old

- History of Condition: Eczema since 1 month old

Maddi has suffered from eczema since infancy, initially managed with intermittent use of steroid creams. Over the years, her condition progressively worsened, eventually spreading to cover her entire body. In recent years, Maddi developed heightened sensitivity to allergens and sunlight, resulting in significant stress and anxiety. The severity of her condition led to severe discomfort, preventing her from attending school due to frequent mental breakdowns. Seeking relief, Maddi's parents consulted Dr. Irene.



- Painful, dry skin

- Severe itchiness, particularly at night, disrupting sleep

- Skin weeping and bleeding after scratching

- Associated symptoms of poor digestive health and inadequate toxin elimination


Treatment Goals:

1. Promote natural toxin elimination from the body

2. Reduce itchiness to improve sleep quality

3. Alleviate skin inflammation

4. Heal the body from the inside out, avoiding steroid use due to TSW


Treatment Protocol:

1. Personalized Herbal Medicine Treatment: Tailored herbal remedies to support skin healing and overall health.

2. Nutritional Eating Plan: A diet designed to reduce inflammation and support digestive health.

3. Stress Response Management: Techniques to calm the stress response and reduce inflammation.

4. Itch and Inflammation Control: Strategies to eliminate inflammation and calm itchiness, facilitating skin healing.


The treatment commenced in Spring, a challenging season due to the presence of pollen and fluctuating weather conditions. Despite these challenges, Maddi's condition significantly improved within 5 months, with her eczema completely clearing.

Eighteen months post-treatment, Maddi's skin remains clear and healthy. Dr. Irene continues to monitor her health to ensure long-term wellness and prevent recurrence.

This case demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic approach in treating TSW and severe eczema. By focusing on natural healing methods, managing stress, and providing nutritional support, Maddi achieved remarkable recovery and sustained health improvements.


Dermatitis Skin Solutions


Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin. It can be caused by a number of reasons including reaction to chemicals, stress, food intolerance or unknown factors.

The key focus of the Salubre Therapeutics range when it comes to assisting the skin’s ability to heal and rejuvenate is to reduce the inflammation in the skin so the damaged skin barrier can be restored. This is essential to protect the health of the underlying cells beneath the skin’s surface from environmental toxins, bacteria, and chemicals that the skin commonly comes into contact with. 

Ingredients such as burdock and nettle extracts, kokum butter, and tamanu, andiroba and jojoba oils have shown beneficial results to such skin concerns for hundreds of years. By dually removing the inflammation and hydrating the skin, this allows the skin to heal and to reduce pain and discomfort often experienced in those afflicted with dermatitis.

Natural skincare to treat and manage dermatitis