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Psoriasis: Before and After Treatment

Palmoplantar Psoriasis - Michael*

Michael is a 51-year-old male who is a musician, specifically a guitarist who was struggling with palmoplantar psoriasis. This form of psoriasis affects the palms on the hands and the soles on the feet. For Michael, it was only the palms of his hands. It was distressing for him as his work centred around using his hands to perform in front of a live audience.

Conveniently, I started treating Michael during COVID lockdown and there were no performances allowed for a period of time. This gave us a great opportunity to rest the hands and allow the treatment to provide the necessary relief Michael was looking for.

During the initial consultation we discussed a history of intense stress due to various circumstances in his life as well as a very poor diet filled with low nutrient profile foods that were calorie dense. 

This had led to the hands becoming so dry they would crack and bleed causing excruciating pain even in the simplest of tasks. 

I could tell his emotional state was extremely low and I could resonate as I often felt like this when I felt defeated by psoriasis. I told him I could help but he needed to be prepared to follow my advice and really surrender to the process as this condition was very serious.

There was some back and forth in helping Michael understand the intricate details surrounding his new diet and what needed to be removed and what foods could be included.

The treatment protocol was focused on herbal medicine that was formulated with anti-inflammatory herbs as well as supplements to support the herbal medicine. In addition, Michael used the Salubrious Skin Balm to trial on his hands. 

Everyone receives the information differently, but I was impressed with Michael's dedication to making the necessary changes to his life.

Within 18 days he sent me a photo amazed at how fast his skin had healed. This was his email:


Thank you so much!

My first port has already been local health store raving about you and the changes you've made to my life.

You are the difference between my having to take life threaten medication with terrible side effects, to what is almost a healed psoriasis with natural remedies and dietary changes.”   


Before and after images of a palmoplanter psoriasis patient


Plaque Psoriasis - Zoe*

Zoe a 25-year-old woman was living abroad for some time but decided to return back home to Australia to find someone to help with the management of her psoriasis. 

Her plaque psoriasis and was affecting her neck, scalp, face, abdomen and back. The lesions were large plaques which were causing a fair amount of pain and discomfort especially when sitting down.

Stress was moderate in her life, but we spoke in depth about making some significant recommendations to her diet. At first, there was some hesitation, especially when she had been told by many other doctors that food played no role in the exacerbation of psoriasis.  We discussed the science that had proven the link with food and psoriasis and in time she got more comfortable with the idea of following my recommendations.

The focus was eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol and red meat from her diet and I encouraged her to incorporate many green leafy vegetables, lean meats and keeping carbohydrates to a minimum.

Within days, Zoe took on board all the recommendations and started to feel changes in her skin. 


Topical Treatment:

The treatment protocol consisted of the Salubrious Skin Balm for the plaques on her body and the Triple Threat Scalp Pack for treating her scalp psoriasis and the psoriasis that extended down her neck. 


Inner Health:

For internal health, the focus was on a combination of herbal medicine and supplementation and probiotics.


The Initial Response:

The lesions on her face were healed. On her body we noticed a reduction in the tightness and redness of the plaque psoriasis lesions. Zoe also suffered from digestive issues which also calmed down alongside the benefit to her skin.

Over the coming weeks, the psoriasis lesions gradually improved with the thickness reducing and slowly seeing healthy skin appear within the lesion on her abdomen and back. The neck redness reduced to very little, and her scalp felt so much better. 

It was a great opportunity for Zoe to see the connection with food, stress and psoriasis which ultimately empowered her to understand the ability to manage psoriasis successfully is in her hands.

The combination of topical and internal treatment when the psoriasis is severe is so important to the management of the current symptoms, easing pain to improve quality of life and to reduce the intensity and frequency of future flare ups.


Plaque psoriasis before and after treatment images  

Scalp Psoriasis - Katrina*

Katrina bought the Triple Threat Scalp pack via Salubre’s online store. Not many details about Katrina's psoriasis are known except for the email received to express her joy in the relief of scalp psoriasis after using all 3 products consistently for 3 weeks. 

“Hi Irene

I'm so surprised how your products have helped my scalp psoriasis. I have been using the Triple Threat Scalp Pack for the past 3 weeks and you will see from the pictures how much it has improved. I've tried so many creams and nothing has worked as fast as these products. Thank you so much for making these products, I can't wait to see how my skin improves in the next 3 weeks.



 Before and After images of a scalp psoriasis patient


Scalp Psoriasis - Julie*

Julie has shared with us that she is looking for a solution for her psoriasis. Initially, she trialled the Salubre Therapeutics Trial Pack. This is a great start as it contains each product in the Salubre Therapeutics range for you to test on your scalp and body. 

The Triple Threat Scalp Pack is included in the trial pack which includes 50mls of the Enriched Scalp Oils and 50mls of the Non-Greasy Scalp Treatment Spray. This quantity will allow for several applications to truly test the product and see how your skin feels with consistent use.

Additionally in the trial pack is a 10g jar of Salubrious Skin Balm and the Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream. I would recommend using either of these products just after you jump out of the bath or shower as the skin is moist and the product is better absorbed into the skin to give you the results you are looking for.

Julie's second purchase was the Triple Threat Scalp Pack and Luminosi-tea. As you can see from her experience below, the products have helped to reduce the redness in her skin. The Luminosi-tea is also helpful to reduce the redness in the skin as it contains organic nettle, dandelion leaves, olive leaves and calendula flowers.

Finally, the Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking cookbook was purchased. It’s great to see Julie was attending to all the pieces in the puzzle when looking at effectively managing her psoriasis; topical relief, internal reduction of inflammation and preventing inflammation from entering the body by adjusting her diet to an anti-inflammatory diet.

For others wondering the same thing as Julie, yes we are most definitely working on formulating a shampoo and conditioner specifically for the management of scalp psoriasis. Often with new formulations there is a little back and forth to ensure the end result meets the promises that it makes.

Here’s what Julie shared with us in a recent email:


“Hi Irene

I’ve been using my Psoriasis products & I’m very happy with it, as I’ve been using the scalp one & I really love the hair mask which makes my hair & scalp so clean after I wash my hair. The oil is lovely too, also the tea is very subtle & nice to drink, also I’ve been using the Revitalising scalp & body cream on my arm which I have guttate psoriasis on & it has taken the redness out & it’s very soothing. I’m looking forward into buying more products from you soon, just wondering if you’ve going to make any shampoo & Conditioner yet? 

Thank you regards Julie.”


Psoriasis - Chris*

A 6-year-old child who underwent a procedure needing a general anaesthetic suddenly developed psoriasis on both elbows a month after the surgery. The psoriasis on the right elbow was worse as it was thicker than the left and there was incessant itchiness, which the child couldn’t control.

The Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream was applied 1-2 times per day. Within the first 2-3 days the itchiness stopped. Gradually, over the coming days the psoriasis on the elbows eased and the skin was completely healed within 7 days.

It was understood the child made no changes to the diet, but the mother has shared his diet was always good as he disliked sugar and as a family, they regularly ate organic fresh produce.


 Before and after image of a psoriasis patient


Psoriasis - Darren* (Current patient progress images – new images available soon) 

A patient in his 70s was consulted over zoom recently and this patient is still under my care. The images below show you the progress within a month of receiving the treatment recommended. 

Darren had been suffering with a skin condition for many years. Initially, the dermatologist diagnosed his condition as being eczema. The treatment protocol was focused on bleach baths, topical corticosteroids, UV treatment and moisturiser. 

His daughter assisted the consultation due to a language barrier and it was mentioned Darren was ‘lazy’ to keep up with the treatments in the past and would often stop using the moisturiser and steroids. His daughter said it didn’t seem to bother him having these large lesions of eczema/psoriasis on his body. But it was more bothersome to his wife and daughter.

During the initial consultation, Darren said the skin felt hot and itchy but did not affect his sleep or day to day activity. 

We started him on a simple treatment protocol to minimise overwhelm so that it would be consistently taken. The treatment was only herbal medicine. Within 1 month the redness on the arm had reduced and the thickness on the torso had reduced as well. Darren didn’t make any dietary changes (only suggested some minor ones) but he was diligent in taking his herbs twice daily.

When studying the images below it can be clearly seen that the redness has reduced and the thickness of the lesions have reduced as well. 

We will update his progress as it comes to hand.


Psoriasis patient before and after images

Before and after treatment images of psoriasis pateint 


Guttate Psoriasis - Gary*

A 40-year-old male presented with guttate psoriasis. He had been diagnosed with psoriasis 5-6 years prior while living in India and sought to try topical corticosteroids to help with the management of symptoms.

Initially the steroids resolved the psoriasis but when he stopped the treatment, the psoriasis returned and spread to other parts of the body. Treatments varied from homeopathic to ayervedic medicine which individually helped initially but then seemed to stop working.

His initial consultation was during the Winter months and he was suffering from a new flare up of guttate psoriasis. Just weeks prior he had received the flu vaccine but didn’t feel this made much of a difference to the flare up. Stress was minimal and diet was fuelled with curry but besides this, a diet of fresh vegetables and lean meats was often enjoyed.

During the initial consultation, we discussed the skin health at length and various aspects of overall health, nutrition and lifestyle components that may be contributing to the exacerbation of the psoriasis. The formulation of herbal medicine was chosen on the basis of inflammation in the skin and was supported with the Salubrious Skin Balm topically and supplements and probiotics internally. 

At the review consult, there was the discussion around old lesions getting better and subsiding but for some reason there were new lesions coming up. After considering the changes happening in the skin and considering the flu vaccine may have had an impact on the immune response in the body, I prescribed herbs that had an anti-pathogenic effect which would help to purge the suppressed pathogens in the body.

Often guttate psoriasis is seen in people who have recently been sick with a chest infection and the like. Considering all relevant information, I believed this needed to be addressed.

At the next consultation, we saw a marked improvement to the skin, which indicated suppressed pathogens were halting the healing process in the skin and not allowing it to respond to the treatment as seen in other patients.  

This patient’s treatment is ongoing but here is a picture of the progress of his back affected with guttate psoriasis.

Guttate psoriasis patient before and after treatment

*Please note patient names are changed to keep their identities confidential.


Psoriasis Skin Solutions


Psoriasis is a condition that affects 3% of the population. With so many people struggling to find a solution to the effective management of psoriasis, it is very important to understand the challenges around this disease and to provide a topical range that directly targets these challenges.

The Triple Threat Scalp Pack offers amazing results due to its 3 faceted approach:

  1. Reducing the thickness of the plaques on the scalp to help the active anti-inflammatory ingredients reach the inflamed skin,
  2. Non-greasy day time spray that keeps the skin hydrated while reducing flakiness and itchiness.
  3. 100% soothing oils that are formulated to reduce the inflammation and hydrate the scalp while you sleep. 

These products are also easily washed out as it was essential in the management of scalp psoriasis to protect the hair follicles that are weakened by the presence of scalp psoriasis, leading to hair feeling dry and brittle and falling out causing more embarrassment.

 Psoriasis skincare pack

As for body psoriasis, the Salubrious Skin Balm (100% healing oils, vegan, preservative free) and Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream are formulated for a variety of psoriasis depending on whether it is guttate, plaque, inverse or erythrodermic. The all natural and organic ingredients used are focused on reducing the inflammation without causing any nasty side effects as with many other treatments on the market.