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Irene Prantalos knows what it is like to overcome a debilitating illness, and turn her life around. She was diagnosed with psoriasis when she was just 11 years old and battled her way through adolescence and into early adulthood, suffering from the skin disease… until she found a way to live free from psoriasis with the help of her mother. 

 During her long journey of healing, Irene visited a slew of dermatologists and dabbled in many alternative therapies, some of which provided some relief yet neither approach ever resulted in permanent resolution. 

In her own words: “In terms of psoriasis though, the years passed with little relief. I tried endlessly to find a cure, with a variety of treatments all claiming to heal my psoriasis. By now that simple rash had spread to cover my entire body. The worst of it came when I was in Year 11 and 12 with the pressures of VCE and the personal desire to do well. Whatever normal skin I had left now vanished. My body was really struggling; my legs had fluid retention and had swelled to the size of 2L coke bottles. I could barely walk, let alone move without pain. My beautiful mother sold her hairdressing salon and started caring for me 100% of the time. I later found out that all the money my mother received from the sale went on medical bills.” 

 At the age of 19, Irene turned to Chinese medicine for answers and was amazed by what ensued. Within just two months, her skin had cleared up – a pivotal moment marking the beginning of a lifelong passion for this ancient system of healing. “I was amazed, I felt normal. Normal! Who would have thought some stinky herbs would help me? I knew then this is what I had to do; I had to learn Chinese medicine to make sure I never got sick again. I asked the Chinese medicine practitioner: ‘Where can I learn this?’ She told me of a new course starting at RMIT University.”

The following seven years saw Irene studying Human Biology and Chinese Medicine, eventually going on to launch her own private practice, Salubre Health Solutions, dedicated to treating the condition she once suffered from so badly. 

Irene is now a highly sought-after author, speaker and thought leader in the field of psoriasis treatment and is regarded as a pioneer in the promotion of healthy skin techniques.

Irene understands the psychology that surrounds psoriasis and other illnesses and consequently often discusses emotional blocks sufferers may do in preventing their recovery. 

 Her passion in addressing diet and lifestyle factors provide a complete solution to attaining health that encourages wellbeing for long term relief. 

Irene has 32 years of personally experiencing her own struggles with her health and 15 years of running her own private practice where she has enjoyed helping others achieve better health and empowering people to understand the impact they themselves have on living a healthy life. 

 As a result Irene enjoys embracing an audience with her experiences and funny anecdotes to encourage people to positively promote their health.

key areas irene often talks about are:



Irene shares 7 ways you can positively improve your psoriasis. Regardless of the treatment you are doing you can impact your health in ways that are simple and you can apply today.

How Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Dietary and Lifestyle Factors assist:

  • Skin Conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema, sensitive skin, mature skin)– how to heal from the inside out. 
  • Metabolic Syndrome – and its link to so many illnesses such as psoriasis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity and many more…. 
  • Fertility – for men and women. 
  • Complimenting IVF with acupuncture to improve success rates. 
  • Pregnancy – morning sickness, inducing labour, promoting an easy and quick labour and many more….. 
  • Stress and adrenal fatigue; how they instigate disease in the body and what you can do to return the body back to wellness.



Does it serve you anything to remain ill? What fears are keeping you sick? Unlock the psychology of illness. It is often ignored when visiting your doctor but it can be the single most important factor that decides whether you remain sick or get healthy. Irene relates these road blocks to a variety of scenarios that best suits your audience.

Western Medicine vs Natural Medicine

Irene has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine while understanding the importance of western medicine in our society. A very candid view to choosing one over the other, better yet how we can benefit from the use of both to encourage better health. Irene further identifies the limitations that each medicine has and how utilise the choices we have available to live a healthy life.


A story to highlight how sheer determination and a great supportive network can guide anyone from their darkest moments in their life. Irene relates to her own experiences and directs these anecdotes back to how we can help each other to achieve greatness in any aspect of our lives. 

 Today, Irene knows how to manage her psoriasis to remain healthy and well. She never gave up on her quest to find the answers and now offers her clients the same inspirational, passionate and dedicated service. What’s more though, Irene is able to give them hope.

Besides these topics listed above Irene is happy to tailor a presentation to suit the individual needs of your audience.

Have Irene share Healthy Skin Tips with your audiences. 

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