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Hyper-Pigmentation: Before and After Treatment

Facial Melasma – Angela*

Angela was receiving Chinese Medicine treatments when one day we started to discuss the concern she had with the melasma on her face for many years. There have been some creams and serums used but not many successfully.

I suggested Angela trial Salubre’s Luminescence Skin brightening Serum for a consistent 30 days with the application being twice per day.

As this was done during the summer, there were some recommendations made such as keeping the skin away from the sun by wearing a wide brim hat and applying sunscreen on the skin prior to applying the Luminescence Skin Brightening Serum. 

During this time, Angela went on holiday to Hawaii however she was vigilant in protecting her skin from the sun and always wore a wide brim hat to protect her skin from further damage as well as allowing the Skin Brightening Serum to initiate its effect on the melasma.

The pictures below show a marked improvement to the skin within the 30 days. Continual use would continue the progress of the melasma until it was gone.

Hyper-pigmentation before and after treatment image

For more information on how to manage melasma and other skin pigmentation issues read our article on 3 Ways to effectively Lighten Age Spots.

* Please note patient's name was changed to keep their identity confidential.

Melasma Skin Solutions (Dark Spots)

Melasma is an extremely common skin condition that results from trauma to the skin. This trauma can come from sun exposure, poor diet / poor nutritional intake, trauma or inflammation to the skin or internal imbalances with hormones including pregnancy and stress hormones. 

The challenge with resolving melasma, chloasma, freckles, sun spots and pigmentation on the skin is the focus on protecting the skin from further damage to allow the hyper-pigmented skin to become even toned and rejuvenated. 

The great news is this is achievable. The Luminescence Skin Brightening Serum includes the peptide Gigawhite ™, herbal extracts, bearberry, white peony, kakadu plum, and raspberry seed oil that synergistically work to inhibit tyrosinase which reduces the production and deposition of melanin in the skin, while rejuvenating the skin to restore healthy skin cells and reduce the damage to stop the production of excess levels of melanin.

Consistency is the key to success, so for great results use the Luminescence Skin Brightening Serum twice daily and protect the affected area from the sun. It is also recommended to address any underlying health concerns that could be contributing to the development of hyper-pigmentation in the skin.  

Skin serum to reduce hyper-pigmentation and melasma