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Best Psoriasis and Eczema Skin Solutions

Psoriasis and eczema are both inflammatory skin diseases that affect a large portion of the world’s population. With so many people affected, there is still some confusion on the best psoriasis and eczema skin solutions on the market.

So, let’s break things down.

From the age of 11 years, I struggled with scalp psoriasis which then soon become plaque psoriasis on my body. The initial response was to use cortisone creams, but when the psoriasis spread to my entire body, I started to look at natural psoriasis treatments and explored the connection to leaky gut syndrome.

Eczema and psoriasis can affect different parts of the body and as a result need different natural eczema and psoriasis treatments. Whether it is scalp psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, dandruff, body eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, it is essential to learn how to manage flare ups by reducing their intensity and frequency. This in turn will improve your quality of life. 

We recommend using a combination of the following products to treat your eczema and psoriasis skin conditions.


Natural Skin Products for treating Scalp Psoriasis and Eczema.


Natural Skin Products for treating Psoriasis and Eczema on your hands and body.


Natural Products to treat Dandruff flakes caused by Scalp Psoriasis or Eczema. 

Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream

Dryness from eczema and psoriasis leads to more itchiness and ultimately more scratching. When eczema and psoriasis is scratched, it causes trauma to the skin and the rash to flare up.

Our main objectives with the Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream is to hydrate the skin, and reduce itchiness and redness. This will allow the skin to rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s natural ability to heal.

A great compliment to the Reviatlising Scalp and Body Cream is the Luminosi-tea as this helps heal leaky gut syndrome. Inflammatory food enters the blood stream through leaky gut (unhealthy small intestine) and cause more inflammation in the skin.

For thicker lesions of eczema and psoriasis, especially those on the hands and feet, the Salubrious Skin Balm is best suited as this is thicker and has a more hydrating effect on dry cracked skin. 



Best eczema and psoriasis treating body and scalp cream



Best Psoriasis and Eczema treating balm made with organic and natural ingredients

Salubrious Skin Balm

Plaque psoriasis can be very painful and is caused by a reduction in elasticity in the skin. Unfortunately, most creams don’t even touch the surface, the skin remains dry and cracked. The solution is a thicker more hydrating balm that won’t rub off and is made of 100% healing oils with no added preservative.

The Salubrious Skin Balm is ideal for thick and painful psoriasis lesions on the hands, feet, elbows and knees. It can also be applied to plaque psoriasis lesions. Deep hydration, a reduction in redness and flakiness of the skin are some of the key benefits you can expect to experience when using the Salubrious Skin Balm.

For severe psoriasis, the psoriasis diet needs to be incorporated into your natural psoriasis treatment plan. By cooking up meals in the Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking cookbook, you can reduce inflammation entering the body and assist the Salubrious Skin Balm to work even more effectively.

If you have scalp psoriasis, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, we recommend using the Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream as it washes out easily and can minimise the appearance of dandruff flakes.




Enriched Scalp Oils

When it comes to scalp psoriasis, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, the biggest issue is treating the scalp without ruining the health of the hair. Most topical aids cause greasy hair which leads you to overly washing your hair, resulting in a dry and irritated scalp that gets worse with each wash.

The solution is easy, use oils that hydrate and have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin to address the scalp issues but ultimately wash out easily. The added benefit with the Enriched Scalp Oils is that it can be applied over the hair and rejuvenate the hair follicles for shinier healthy looking hair.

To alleviate the dryness on the scalp during the day, the Non-Greasy Scalp Treatment Spray is perfect as it won’t make your hair greasy but will hydrate the scalp due to the mixture of botanical extracts, glycerine (palm oil free) and essential oil hydrosols. This formulation is free from any water and is highly lubricating to dry and irritated scalp conditions.

To lift off those pesky plaque psoriasis lesions from the scalp incorporate the Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask to your routine. This will help your scalp psoriasis become more thin and eventually allow the healthy skin to come through.

It is very important to moisturise the scalp after washing out the Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask by applying the Enriched Scalp Oils after each wash.


Best Eczema and Scalp Psoriasis treating oils


Best scalp psoriasis and eczema non-greasy hair and scalp spray

Non-Greasy Scalp Treatment Spray

Applying cream and ointments are great as your scalp can feel soothed and comfortable, but they can often cause your hair to appear oily. The Non-Greasy Scalp Treatment Spray was created to keep your scalp and hair hydrated during the day and reduce the appearance of dandruff flakes, without making your hair and scalp look greasy. 

The result is no more embarrassing dandruff flakes on your scalp and clothes!

To assist in reducing dandruff flakes on your scalp and clothes, include the Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask in your weekly routine. Using it 2-3 times a week initially and then gradually reducing to 1-2 times a week until the scalp is balanced, will speed up the skin’s natural healing process.

For added hydration during the night and to nurture your hair with deeply nourishing healing oils, we recommend using our Enriched Scalp Oils. It washes out easily the next morning, overnight it will make your scalp feel calm, hydrated and less tight. The anti-inflammatory oils are preservative free and absorbs easily as you apply it.




Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask

Thick lesions on the scalp from scalp psoriasis, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis can often lead to weakened hair follicles and hair loss. To address both the hair and scalp issue we need to gently exfoliate the thick lesions form the scalp. The Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask contains bentonite clay and white willow bark (natural form of salicylic acid) to gently exfoliate flakes on the scalp, together with the anti-inflammatory botanical extracts to reduce redness and dryness on the scalp.

After removing the Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask, it is very important to hydrate the scalp with the Enriched Scalp Oils as the mask exfoliates and removes the natural oils on the scalp.

In combination with this topical treatment, add the 100% organic Luminosi-tea to your daily routine to help rejuvenate leaky gut syndrome and in turn reduce the amount of inflammation entering your digestive system.


Best Scalp Psoriasis treating hair mask to gently exfoliate the skin and reduce dandruff



Best Scalp Psoriasis Skin Products Complete Care Pack

Triple Threat Scalp Care Pack

Scalp psoriasis, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are very challenging and complicated to treat effectively. That is why we have developed our 3-step process to effectively treat scalp psoriasis and prevent any future flare-ups.

First, we exfoliate the thick lesions on the scalp with the Nutritive Scalp and Hair Mask. Once removed, moisturise the scalp with the 100% natural healing oils found in the Enriched Scalp Oils. Then follow through with the morning scalp care routine by applying the Non-Greasy Scalp Treatment Spray.

Each of these steps compliments the next, and helps prepare the scalp to absorb more of the essential healing ingredients found in the natural oils. 

While addressing the topical skin, we can now move our attention to inner health. The psoriasis diet is an essential component to any natural psoriasis treatment. You can read all about the psoriasis diet in the Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking cookbook. There are over 60 recipes your skin and digestion will absolutely love.

If you find you are quite reactive to inflammatory foods, or you are following the psoriasis diet but don’t seem to get the most out of it, then add the 100% organic Luminosi-tea to your day. This is a delicious beverage that is formulated with anti-inflammatory and gut healing herbs to rejuvenate leaky gut syndrome.





Psoriasis Topical Trial Pack

Anyone with psoriasis knows the amount of creams, lotions and potions you have tested over the years. I was no different to you. Hundreds in fact. That is why we have created the Psoriasis Topical Trial Pack.

In the Psoriasis Topical Trial Pack you will receive each of the 5 products in the Salubre Therapeutics range, to trial on your skin. I would recommend choosing just one area and then be consistent with that instead of using it all over the body just once.

  • The Eczema and Psoriasis Trial Pack Includes:
  • Scalp Psoriasis Hair Mask - 10 g
  • Non-Greasy Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Spray - 50 ml
  • Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Oil - 50 ml
  • Eczema and Psoriasis Scalp and Body Cream - 10 g
  • Psoriasis Moisturising Balm - 10 g



 Best Eczema and Psoriasis Products in one convenient sample pack



Healing psoriasis and eczema by managing and reducing stress 

Healing Psoriasis Through Meditation

One of the biggest and most common triggers to psoriasis is stress. We live in times where stress often can’t be avoided so it is essential to take time out of your day and calm the nerves with some calming and relaxing tunes and positive visualisation.

The mind is a powerful ally and can be an incredible resource to healing your psoriasis and eczema naturally. If meditation is new to you, we have you covered. This is an easy to follow guided meditation that takes you through the process of relaxation step by step.



Which foods to avoid when you suffer from psoriasis and eczema.

One of the most important ways to manage psoriasis and eczema is through the psoriasis diet. This requires a more alkaline diet and foods that cause inflammation (acidic foods) are best avoided.

Foods to avoid include dairy, red meat, gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol.

Foods that should be enjoyed more often to reduce inflammation include green leafy vegetables, oily fish such as salmon, detoxifying vegetables such as beetroot and broccoli and seasoning food with Himalayan pink salt and extra virgin olive oil.

When I wrote my first book, Feel Great in Your Skin, I realised many people reading this wouldn’t know how to implement the psoriasis diet into their every day cooking.

For this reason, I teamed up with the one person who was there by my side when I was working through all the dietary changes I needed to make to help my psoriasis go into remission, and that is my mum. We co-authored Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking cookbook with over 60 dairy free, sugar free and gluten free recipes to help you implement the psoriasis diet in the comfort of your own kitchen.


 The Psoriasis diet, improve your skin and gut health



When trying to manage psoriasis and eczema, it is so important to understand that it takes a multi-faceted approach to resolving the inflammation in your body naturally. I would start with one step at a time and work your way through these changes. It may be helpful to have someone direct you through this as it can be tough doing it on your own.



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