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Online Skin Consultations


Is the stress and anxiety of self isolating wreaking havoc on your skin?

If you are struggling with psoriasis, eczema, acne or rosacea Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine) conducts herbal medicine consults online to help you in the treatment and management of your skin health issue.


Online Consultations:

At Salubre Skin Clinic, Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine) conducts an in-depth consultation with you in the comfort of your own home. Your concerns are listened to and advice is provided to help you on your way to healthier looking skin. Treatment protocol centres around herbal medicine and/or supplements to help your body heal towards a wellness state and nutritional and lifestyle advice to help accelerate the journey forward.

Individual advice based on personal circumstances will be discussed and a treatment protocol outlined to ensure clarity around what is required next.

The Online Booking Process:

  1. Book in a suitable time for an online consultation. Simply click here:
  2. You will receive the form via email that will need to be downloaded and filled out. Once completed it, please email it through to
  3. Let us know if you prefer a phone or zoom consultation.
  4. Await to receive your zoom link (if applicable).
  5. Email any blood tests results, scans, or any other tests you may have.
    1. If you have a skin issue, please email through pictures of your skin.
    2. Take a picture of your tongue and email this through.
  6. Payment will need to be made prior to your consultation.

Post Consultation Care:

* Your care package will be sent via Australia Post or Couriers Please.

* Instructions on any recommendations made during the consultation will be both emailed and sent in your care package.

We invite you to a book into your online consultation to help you achieve healthier looking skin.


Case Studies:

"I wanted to thank you for the Zoom consult last month and for helping my husband with the herbs and your treatment plan. He has been better since taking them with less inflammation, irritation and itching. His mental health has improved as has his energy levels. He is spending less time in the bath, last night not at all! This is the first time in months he hasn't needed the bath to get to sleep. He is still itchy, but not as much as before, where it was incessant. He is getting to bed earlier with less disruption from the itch therefore, more sleep. 

Thankfully this has given space, care and love back into our relationship! The stress has been hard. You really did feel like our last resort and thank goodness your treatment is helping."
Name withheld due to privacy reasons.


"The good news is, I'm continuing to improve with my skin around 95% clear (even acquaintances keep commenting on the improvement) and there's been no recurrence of psoriatic arthritis other than an occasional twinge which fades away pretty quickly and doesn't really affect me. I am back to using my hands pretty well now and can walk quick a distance without any problems other than my flat feet! Even the nail psoriasis seems to be improving.

Plus I have lost 8 kilos since I saw you last and my energy levels, motivation and sense of can do are all very good and I'm even spontaneously doing things which previously overwhelmed me. The other thing is, I've been spontaneously waking with the sun most mornings and feeling refreshed and ready to go. This is a huge change for me after so long.

I have really appreciated you sticking with me and supporting me through all the (not so highs) and the lowest lows. It's been quite an endurance race (well hardly a race, maybe a saunter!) I feel like I've turned the corner. Thankyou Irene!"

Name withheld due to privacy reasons.