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Healing Psoriasis With Mediterranean Cooking

The Psoriasis Diet Explained.

The Psoriasis Diet is simple yet complex. The complexity comes from natural psoriasis treatment can be different for each person. The simplicity comes from when we break it down and look at foods that are inflammatory to the body and those that are not.

This cookbook breaks this down simplistically including over 60 recipes ranging from easy to more advanced as well as a meal plan and descriptions as to which skin nutrients are found in each meal to help in the body’s natural healing of psoriasis.

Cook along with our easy-to-follow recipes and use our great meal plans to help you plan ahead. Each recipe is measured to provide optimal skin nutrients in every meal as well as managing insulin resistance. We now know that insulin resistance is a key factor in psoriatic disease which leads to creation of more inflammation in the body.

Recipes range from quick and easy 10 minute recipes you can whip up when you are time poor to more difficult recipes for the more experienced cook or special occasion.

Key Benefits:

  • Uncover a major trigger of psoriasis with diet being a way in which inflammation enters the body and impacts the skin.
  • Find out the link to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance to empower your food choices and start healing the skin from within.

Pair it with:

To help with soothing psoriatic lesions, try the Salubrious Skin Balm which is especially useful for plaque psoriasis and rashes found on the hands and feet.

For night-time scalp rejuvenation, pair it with the Enriched Scalp Oils.

Enjoy a cup of our Luminosi-Tea while you cook to improve leaky gut syndrome (Gut Health) and reduce inflammation in your body.

  • Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking include over 60 recipes that are free from Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, and Yeast. Manage sugar levels with the Low Glycemic Index Foods that are wholesome and full of taste. Each recipe outlines the benefits of each ingredient used.