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How to Detox Your Body in 5 Steps!

Welcoming a new year can often bring with it the feeling of a clean slate and the optimism of changing our behaviours to improve various areas in our life. A great place to start is with ourselves. Having more energy, a clearer mind, feeling motivated every morning, and loving life all comes from being healthy. The direct impact our health has in every aspect of our life is magnified when our health is compromised. To help you through with making changes to your wellbeing, here are 5 key areas you can make a start with and feel the difference in your health within a very short period of time.

1. Eliminate Addictive Substances.

The word addiction has a strong connotation to it and often is perceive to be associated with drug addicts, alcoholics or smokers. However, addictions come in various forms; the most common being sugar addiction.

Sugar is a highly addictive substance and often is hidden in food we wouldn't think contains sugar at all. For that reason, sugar creeps into our diet where we least expect it. For instance, did you know sushi contains sugar? Here you are thinking you are eating healthy food but it contains sugar in it, which makes it tasty and highly addictive.

So what can we do to reduce sugar addictions?

The reasons we crave sugar is two-fold.

1. Sugar in itself is addictive.

2. Poor digestive health will increase the cravings for sugar.

The Digest & Detox Tea is formulated to help you:

1. Detox the body through encouraging the naturally detoxification channels to work more efficiently,

2. Promote a healthier digestion.


2. Hydrate your skin and body.

It may seem like a no-brainer and we constantly hear about drinking 2 litres of water a day but the issue with being dehydrated and drinking H2O is that water won't cut it. I commonly here in my clinic that "I drink lots of water but my skin is still dry or it seems to go straight through me". The issues is that when your tissues are dehydrated, water can not simply hydrate them. In Chinese Medicine, we discuss the need to replenish yin deficiency (dehydration) with yin tonics.

The Longevi-Tea tea is formulated to replenish yin. It is advised you continue to drink the recommended 2 litres of filtered water per day however you must replenish yin at the same time. Additionally, you will notice an improvement in your general wellbeing as being hydrated is essential for thousands of physiological functions to occur for every second of every day.

3. Nourish your body.

Everything we eat has a physiological impact to our health. One of the most damaging aspects of food is acidic, inflammatory food. Despite your age, acidic, inflammatory foods will cause the body to become dis-eased. This will in time, create disease in the body. The old saying. "Prevention is better than the cure" resonates with this issue. Take away food, sweets, packaged foods, refined foods and foods that commonly make up the average western diet is packed with acidic and inflammatory foods.

My intention for this cookbook was purely to educate and inform sufferers of psoriatic disease about the link between food and psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. 

However, all diseases manifest from overly acidic foods; so a simple strategy to manage and treat many diseases is to incorporate a anti-inflammatory diet.

If you have an auto-immune disease, digestive disease, eczema, psoriasis, PCOS, insulin resistance, pelvic inflammatory disease such as endometriosis or any inflammatory condition, then Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking is the cookbook for you.

4. Meditate Daily.

If you are feeling sluggish, and the last thing you want to do is go for a walk; you must meditate. The amount of rejuvenation that occurs when you meditate for 10 mins daily is incredible. If this is new to you, then you can simply start with a shorter period of time, until you get comfortable with being present. If you still struggle to settle the mind then listening to a CD may help. 

Feel Great in Your Skin Meditation CD is a great way to start the day and end the day. Track 3 and 4 are centred around positive visualisation of the embracing healthy skin. Track 2 is all about relaxing the body before starting to relax the mind.

5. Address any health concerns.

I often hear people running in circles, chasing every new fad out there that claims to heal everything. The truth is, each of us is different and the process that the illness has taken to develop and present is unique to each of us. For this reason, what may be great for 1 person has no benefit to another who is struggling with the same disease.

Seeing a health practitioner, will identify what is going on in your body, creating a plan to bring the body back to a wellness state and offering advice specifically that will help you achieve optimal health.

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 It's important to note that any change is great change. Having goals in mind is ideal to keeping you move forward. I find many people avoid writing their goals down in fear they will fail. Failure is fine, in actual fact its great. Failure has become the new buzz word and we are understanding that behind every successful story comes multiple stories of failure. Don't be afraid to reach for the sky. I think its worse if you reach for mediocre because you are paralysed with the fear of failure. Get comfortable with failure because today is a new day and anything can happen, as long as your heart and mind are on the same page.