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Best Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a broad term used to describe many different skin concerns. The severity can vary from redness, dryness, and irritation to rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Despite the type of skin sensitivity, they all have one thing in common, causing distress and frustration to the sufferer. 

This article will focus on the sensitive skin presentations that include dryness, redness and skin reactivity.

You might be wondering, what is making your skin so sensitive. Before we delve into that, let me explain what role your skin has and why it's letting you down.

Sensitive Skin is broken 

The hydrolipidic layer is the outermost layer of the skin. It protects the underlying cells in your epidermis and dermis from external irritants, pollutants and toxins. In some people, the hydrolipidic layer gets damaged and dehydrated to contain less than 10% water. This is a problem because the once intact hydrolipidic suddenly becomes porous and can no longer properly defend the underlying cells. When you apply something on your skin or you come into contact with an irritant, your skin can become reactive which usually results in blotchy rashes, redness, itchiness, irritation and dryness.

What makes skin sensitive?

There can be a number of different reasons why the skin has become sensitive. This is usually not something that happens overnight but more so as a gradual decline in the health of the skin.  The most common causes are a poor diet, over-exfoliated skin, using the wrong skincare products or unknowingly using nasty chemicals that have contributed to the breakdown of the skin’s healthy structure.  

The natural Step By Step process to encourage the skin’s natural healing process.

Great news is that the human body is in a constant state of repair and rejuvenation. There are millions of physiological processes happening in your body every second of every day. When it comes to your skin, the immune cells are very aware of the irritation and that is why the skin is reacting; it's your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong. Read further to see how you can improve the health of your sensitive skin.

Take the sting out of your Sensitive Skincare regime.

You may be feeling helpless and afraid of trying something new, but here’s a breakdown on what to look for to ease the nerves and get your skin feeling healthy and radiant.

Slow and steady wins the race. It's all about hydration, hydration, hydration. Sensitive skin is thirsty and it needs the right nutrients to quench its thirst. The reason I love the natural ingredients provided to us by nature’s pharmacy is because all the guesswork has been taken out and we can sit back and benefit from the results. Natural ingredients provide a complete nutrient profile which means there are nutrients that synergistically work together to improve skin health, that we may not be aware of.  

Let's take vitamin C for an example. Synthetic Vitamin C can be quite irritating to the skin, but often it is promoted as an amazing ingredient to boost immune health in the skin, boost healing properties and exhibit anti-ageing properties. These statements are correct but why use the synthetic form? Let’s look at Kakadu Plum instead. It has more than 1000 times the vitamin C content of oranges and it contains other nutrients that help the skin to effectively utilise the vitamin C that results in the improved immunity and healing of the skin that we are looking for. And the best thing is it is natural so the skin won’t react as it does to a synthetically made Vitamin C.  

Salubre’s Pure Delicacy Range formulated to reduce redness and skin sensitivity:

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  1. Gentle Cleansing Lotion with Quangdong Extract
  2. Active Green Tea Spritzer
  3. Hydrating Treatment Serum
  4. Botanical Hydrating Masque
  5. Restorative Day Cream with Kukui Nut Oil
  6. Night-time Revitalising Cream
  7. Pure Delicacy Indulgence Pack
  8. Pure Delicacy Essentials Pack
  9. Pure Delicacy Travel Pack


Carefully Cleanse Sensitive Skin

The Gentle Cleansing Lotion with Quangdong is the best cleanser for sensitive skin because of these 4 skin-loving reasons:

  • Deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin to encourage the healthy turnover of the skin in the epidermis,
  • Healing oils replenish the dehydrated hydrolipidic layer on the epidermis’ surface,
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce redness and irritation in the skin, and
  • Balances sebum production to protect the lipid layer on the skin and improve the skin flora on the skin’s surface. 

Great combination for maximum results is to pair it with:

Digest & Detox Tea: Digesting our food and eliminating toxins in our body is so important to enjoying healthy skin. Our gut health and skin health are linked, so enhancing the gut microbiome will enhance the skin microbiome which inadvertently keeps the skin looking healthy. 

Active Green Tea Spritzer: Replenishing the dehydrated hydrolipidic layer is easy when spritzing the skin after the deep cleansing action of the Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Sensitive skin results from this dehydrated skin barrier so by applying the essential oil hydrosols found in the Active Green Tea Spritzer along with the green tea extract, the skin barrier can be replenished to reduce skin sensitivity and redness. 





Soothe it with a Spritzer

When it comes to toners, the Active Green Tea Spritzer is the best toner for sensitive skin. It is formulated with 100% active ingredients that are gently soothing and hydrating the skin that is prone to redness and irritation. Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Roman Chamomile, Neroli and Glycerine are essential to restoring the skin and minimising skin reactivity. 

What should I use the Active Green Tea Spritzer with for even better results?

Hydrating Treatment Serum: After spritzing the skin with the Active Green Tea Spritzer, apply the Hydrating Treatment Serum to deeply hydrate the skin to create a soft, hydrated complexion.

Luminosi-tea: Reduce skin redness and irritation with the help of calendula flowers, dandelion leaves, olive leaves and nettle. Creating healthier skin from the inside out is a great way to get long lasting radiant looking skin.  




Saturate it with a Serum

The hydration of the skin is so important when it comes to reducing skin sensitivity and reactivity. Serums are a great way to maximise hydration as they easily absorb into the skin and make the skin feel rejuvenated. The best serum for sensitive skin is the Hydrating Treatment Serum. The combination of Bisabolol, Kukui Nut Oil, Angelica Sinensis, White Peony and Rehmannia lock in moisture to replenish the damaged skin barrier.

What should I use the Hydrating Treatment Serum with to reduce skin sensitivity?

Restorative Day Cream with Kukui Nut Oil: Will double the hydration especially when applied immediately after the Hydrating Treatment Serum. The more hydrated the skin is, the more hydrated the hydrolipidic layer becomes which allows it to protect your skin from external irritants. This will reduce skin reactions and sensitivity and make the skin glow and feel more radiant without the worry of breakouts.

Sereni-Tea: Stress is a common emotion to experience and when it comes to skin breakouts and sensitivity, stress seems to be the cause of more irritation to the skin. The Sereni-tea is filled with organic adaptogens that help you manage stress and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. This translates into healthier looking skin and reduces the frequency of skin reactions and redness.



Don’t just Masque it - clear it. 

Over-exfoliation is one of the causes of sensitive skin, which often deters people from using exfoliating products such as facial masques. The key to restoring the hydrolipidic layer that is causing the sensitivity in the skin is through improving its hydration and encouraging the healthy cellular turnover from the deeper layers of the epidermis to the top.

When you gently exfoliate the skin, you will encourage this healthy cellular turnover without damaging or dehydrating the skin’s surface. The pink clay that forms the basis of the Botanical Hydrating Masque is so gentle that the most sensitive of skin can benefit from its exfoliating action, making it the best mask for sensitive skin. 

Use the following with your Botanical Hydrating Masque for even better results. 

Active Green Tea Spritzer: The beauty of masques is its ability to draw out the impurities in our skin. This can often make the skin feel tight as the clay dries on the skin. A great way to encourage the exfoliating process and keep the skin hydrated at the same time is by applying the Active Green Tea Spritzer over the masque as it starts to firm and tighten.

Restorative Day Cream with Kukui Nut Oil: After exfoliating the skin, it is essential to replenish the natural oils in the skin and maximise hydration. The Restorative Day Cream is a luxurious cream that delivers healing oils into the epidermis to plump up and rejuvenate the damaged skin barrier.  




Moisture is your mate.

The sensitive-skin skincare routine requires a few steps to preparing the skin and delivering the necessary active ingredients to replenish the damaged skin barrier. The final step of nourishing the skin comes from the Restorative Day Cream.

The formulation of Organic Healing Oils (Jojoba, Marula, Macadamia, Coconut, Camellia, Kukui Nut) together with botanical extracts (Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Angelica) promote the skin's natural ability to heal and rejuvenate while reducing the redness and irritation in the skin. 

Skin tea to enjoy to reduce skin sensitivity from within.

Free radical damage to the skin comes when we are exposed to environmental pollutants and toxins on a daily basis. The best tea to reduce oxidation of the skin is the Longevi-Tea as it delivers an organic formulation of herbs to help fight free radicals. This will in turn, brighten the skin and reduce reactivity and sensitivity by delivering the benefits of antioxidants straight to your skins’ dermis through the blood stream.

Sensitive skin day cream

Organic tea for health and wellbeing




Say night, night to sensitive skin.

The most intense healing to our skin occurs at night when we sleep. The best night cream for sensitive skin is the Nighttime Revitalising Cream. This night-time moisturiser contains a luxurious combination of Seabuckthorn, Organic Camellia, Organic Macadamia, Pumpkin Seed, Jojoba, Organic Marula, Organic Avocado and Organic Essential Oils that work together with botanical extracts and vitamins to rejuvenate sensitive skin while you sleep.  

What else should you include in your nightly skin routine? 

Before applying the night cream, your skin needs to be cleansed from the impurities it has been exposed to during the day. It is essential to cleanse the skin with the best cleanser for sensitive skin, the Gentle Cleansing Lotion with Quangdong. The mild beta hydroxy acid of Lactic Acid helps with cleansing the pores and exfoliating the skin cells that have generated through the day. This leaves the skin prepared and open for the Nighttime Revitalising Cream to enter the deeper layers of the epidermis to replenish the damaged skin barrier. 

Sensitive skin night time moisturiser

Gentle cleansing lotion for sensitive skin




Indulge in the best skincare for sensitive skin

If you are ready to get the best skin of your life and finally stop your skin from reacting to anything and everything, then the Pure Delicacy Indulgence Pack is what you have been needing all along.

The Gentle Cleansing Lotion with Quangdong will deeply cleanse the skin and remove all the pollutants and toxins your skin has released through perspiration and exposure in the environment.

The Active Green Tea Spritzer delivers maximum hydration with 100% active ingredients that restore lost moisture in the skin and replenish essential skin nutrients that have been stripped out by poor management of the skin.

The Botanical Hydrating Masque deeply removes toxins embedded in the skin’s pores and removes the dead surface cells to allow the active ingredients from the serum and day/night creams to enter the deeper layers of the epidermis. 

The Hydrating Treatment Serum is a light and super absorbent serum that will allow the active ingredients to replenish the hydrolipidic layer on the skin’s surface to restore an intact skin barrier to reduce the skin’s reactivity and sensitivity to a number of triggers.

During the day we come into contact with so many irritants. This can be a nightmare for anyone struggling with sensitive skin. The Restorative Day Cream will deeply replenish the hydration in the skin and actively take out the moisture in the air and bring it back into the skin. This will help to reduce skin reactions during the day and give you the confidence you need to live your best life. 

The Nighttime Revitalising Cream is a luxurious night cream that will actively work to rejuvenate sensitive skin while you sleep. When you awaken in the morning, your skin will feel soft and hydrated.

Complete sensitive skincare pack




Sample Salubre’s Sensitive Skincare Range.

If you have lots of products at home but really want to give the Pure Delicacy products a go, why not trial them with the Pure Delicacy Trial Pack? This is a great way to use the sensitive skin range and see for yourself the results in your skin. Within 28 days of deeply replenishing hydration and removing impurities in the skin you will assist in the healthy rejuvenation of the skin microbiome to reduce skin redness and irritation.

The Sensitive Skincare Sample Pack contains:

Gentle Cleansing Lotion 50g: A lotion based cleanser that will leave your skin feeling cleansed and hydrated as it won't disrupt the lipid layer in the skin. 

Active Green Tea Spritzer 50g: An essential oil hydrosol-based spritzer that will help to restore moisture in the hydrolipidic layer. Use it throughout the day over makeup especially in the warmer months to keep the skin hydrated to minimise skin sensitivity.

Botanical Hydrating Masque 10g: A pink clay based masque that will gently but effectively remove the skin’s impurities which helps reduce skin reactivity and allow the day cream to enter the deeper layer of the epidermis to restore skin health. 

Restorative Day Cream with Kukui Nut Oil 10g: The concentration of active ingredients that stem from healing oils, botanical extracts and vitamins will deliver the relevant skin nutrients needed to restore sensitive skin. With continued use over 28 days, you will see the improvement with hydrated skin and feel the smooth radiance of your skin that won’t react at the drop of a hat.

Sensitive Skincare Sample Pack




Things to avoid when you suffer from sensitive skin. 

Often the food we eat gets ignored as being a huge factor to the health of our skin. The food we eat gets absorbed into our bloodstream and flows to the dermis to give nourishment to the cells in the dermis and epidermis.

If you are trying to manage breakouts, sensitive skin, redness and irritation you must avoid inflammatory food. Inflammation is the fuel to the fire you don’t want. These foods fall under the categories of sugar (refined), alcohol, dairy, gluten, and red meat.

Enjoying foods filled with anti-inflammatory components such as green leafy veggies, beetroots, lean white meats (turkey, chicken) and fish. Fuelling your body with nutrient rich foods, will directly fuel your skin with the same quality of nutrients from the inside out.

If you feel your digestion is a little sluggish and you feel bloated or your skin is greasy then give the Digest & Detox tea a try. The organic herbs are formulated to promote a healthier digestive system and help the body naturally remove toxins through the liver, lymphatic system and kidneys.

Regular exercise is very important to the health of your skin. It can reduce inflammation, balance sugar levels to reduce inflammation, promote circulation and balance hormonal irregularities. Practice a good mixture of cardio and resistance training and slowly build your strength to build fitness and muscle tone. This helps to manage hormones and glucose metabolism which then directly will improve the health of your skin.

Poor sleep will result in more toxins in your body. Inflammation from stress hormones created when we don’t sleep will weaken the skin health and lead to more breakouts.

Tranquili-tea is a great tea to calm the nervous system and help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sereni-tea is more for the management of stress and anxiety. An organic blend of adaptogens will help you manage stress which inadvertently helps you get a restful night’s sleep.

Drink more water. We already spoke about hydration and it does come in many elements. Drinking at least 2-3 litres of filtered water a day is extremely beneficial to flush toxins out of the body and help the natural healing process of the skin. If you feel water goes straight through you then try the Longevi-tea. Longevi-tea is formulated to replenish hydration and help your body hold onto the benefits of the water you consume.

Detox tea to promote better gut health

Organic sleep tea

Organic mood tea to reduce stress

Organic health and wellbeing tea

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