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Read on to unravel the causes of ALL Auto-immune Diseases!

November 23, 2017

Read on to unravel the causes of ALL Auto-immune Diseases!

Did you know there are 155 auto-immune diseases affecting people all over the world?

That is a staggering amount of people affected by illness, but why is this happening?

Modern medicine describes the cause of auto-immune diseases as being idiopathic, which means there is an unknown cause. This is NOT the belief of Chinese Medicine.

First, let me reiterate that our body is extremely intelligent and that any disharmony will lead to symptoms that our body is trying to bring our awareness to. If we suppress or ignore this, the symptoms only get more aggressive and louder.

So what are the causes of Auto-Immune diseases? There are 2 causes we have identified:

  1. Cell weakness and degeneration: cell fragments leak into the blood stream and initiate an immune response in order to protect the body from these fragments going to places they should not go.
  2. Weakened Immunity – which allows un-metabolised pathogens that enter the blood stream to be unchallenged which leads to an over-reactive immune system.
What leads to this altered state of health? There are a multitude of causes and here is a small list of some:
  • Gut health: gut dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome
  • Trauma
  • Chronic Infection
  • Radiation
  • Dehydration
  • Nutritional Deficiency through a toxic diet or low to nil consumption of nutrients
  • Toxicity (exposure to toxic materials)
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Hypoxia

It is important to remember the blood stream is NOT a garbage dump so any presence of anything except CO2 will attract antibodies to the blood stream to take care of business. Over a period of time there will become an excessive amount of the ‘auto antibodies’ and this is what leads to an auto-immune disease.

So how do we solve this? There are 3 steps that will assist this process to occur:

  1. Treatment and Prevention: This requires a treatment protocol that will remove the auto antibodies in order to allow the tissue to heal.
  2. Immune regulation: support the immune system, restore gut health and clear any subclinical infections present in the body.
  3. Prevent cell damage and weakness: through improve overall health and encouraging optimal health through protecting cell health.

Now, treating auto-immune diseases are not easy and quick, but the great news is they are treatable. We need to stop focusing on the altered state of the immune system as being a nuisance but rather identify the warning our body is giving and heal the body accordingly.

If you are struggling with an auto-immune disease the worse thing you could do is further suppress your immune system. The over-reaction is based on protecting your body and if this is ignored, we are potentially opening the doors to a much more serious illness that could face a greater challenge than the initial disease state.

Always remember the beauty of nature and that is, “It is in constant state of rejuvenation”. This simply means our body heals by renewing itself every second of every day so with the right guidance you can heal the body from any diseased state.

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