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Natural Solutions for Rosacea.

April 06, 2020

Natural Solutions for Rosacea.

Rosacea is one of the most common skin conditions I see in clinic and with April being Rosacea Awareness Month I thought it would be a great time to share with you how Chinese medicine can help in its treatment and management.

What are the symptoms?

As with many skin concerns the symptoms vary amongst each person who is afflicted with Rosacea. Here are some common examples of what rosacea can look like.

  1. Acne like symptoms –the skin is oily and possibly dry that leads to rashes that look like acne
  2. Facial Redness and swelling
  3. Small visible blood vessels

The first step is to identify what flares up the rosacea as this can help you effectively manage the condition. This can range from alcohol, sunlight/external heat, emotional stress, spicy/hot foods and chemicals applied on the skin.

As with acne, eczema and psoriasis; rosacea is a disease that is absolutely essential to address from the inside out. Many patients share their experience as being mostly using creams and lotions to address their skin concerns but at best this will give momentary relief. For long term relief, I’ve seen the benefits of herbal medicine has on improving the skin health together with making some dietary changes and being mindful of managing stress levels while avoiding excessively hot days.

Nutritional Recommendations:

Keeping a food journal will help you identify exactly what helps your skin and what makes it worse. I usually recommend people to add their stress levels in the journal and any other factors that can affect the skin. But for starters I always recommend avoiding the following:

  • Spicy/Hot Food
  • Greasy/Fatty Food
  • Take Away Foods
  • Sugary Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Fatty Meats
  • Gluten
  • Dairy

If your skin is quite severe avoiding all these is a great start, but if its quite mild work your way through the list and note what helps and what doesn’t make a change.

Topical Skin Care Support:

Addressing rosacea topically really depends on the type of symptoms you are experiencing.

Oily/Acne like rashes – Flawless Anti-Blemish range

Redness, skin sensitivity, broken capillaries – Pure Delicacy range

Complex Issues – 15 Min Free Skin Assessment:

There may be a need to have a mixture of the 2 ranges depending on your symptoms. In this case booking in for a 15 min free skin assessment would be ideal to discuss your symptoms and get a more tailored recommendation for the management of rosacea.

One – on – one skin consults are available:

This is when you are ready to address your skin issues form the inside out. Simply focusing on the outside just wont cut it. If this is something you have tried with limited success, don’t give up. I tried so many practitioners to find someone who understood what my body needed and realised I needed to put everything I learnt together to help me with my psoriasis.

Remember that skin issues are an indication of something internally that needs to be addressed. Don’t hide away and cover it up; addressing it now will give you relief in the future.


About the Author

Dr. Prantalos (chinese medicine) has dedicated her life to skin health after suffering from debilitating psoriasis for most of her childhood and young adult life. She helps hundreds of people to manage their skin issues at her practice and skin clinic in Surrey Hills, Victoria and online at



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