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Does IVF Acupuncture work?

January 16, 2013

Does IVF Acupuncture work?

A very popular question we get asked is "Does IVF Acupuncture actually work" ?

Of course we are a little bias being that we are acupuncture and fertility specialists in Melbourne however it is a fair question and one we are happy to answer.

Naturally people wonder as to how a few fine needles inserted into various parts of the body actually help women get pregnant.

We could answer it by saying speak to any one of our patients that have been through the treatment and who have had tremendous success, or answer it here on our fertility blog as best we can and welcome you to comment and ask questions on our facebook page.

This is a good way to measure acupuncture and fertility success. The short answer is that Dr Prantalos enjoys a 70% success rate in infertility Acupuncture in Melbourne* Ph 03 9888 4129 to make a booking or contact us through our website here

So many couples nowadays are faced with infertility problem. It seems like the problem is increasing and not declining and perhaps this has to do with our modern lifestyle? Either way it is a devastating problem for infertile couples and we are proud to be considered a leading fertility specialist supplier in this complex field.

There are many factors that contribute to couples being infertile and infertility is said to affect 1 in every 6 Australian couples or 3 million Australians approximately.

I personally feel the numbers are higher than that but either way infertility is rising each and every year. It is predicted that in the next 10 years 1 in 3 women in Australia will suffer from infertility.

The myth that is widely associated with infertility is that it is rare and can only be experienced by a few people.

This is where a fertility acupuncturist can be very useful for couples with the problem.

Dr Irene Prantalos also specialises in women's and men's general health and can advise on other aspects of health conditions that may or may not contribute to a couple's fertility. This helps with acupuncture and fertility success.

Couples become diagnosed after being unsuccessful in trying to conceive for more than a year. This is also referred to as being unable to carry to term. Both males and females can be affected with infertility and this is where dealing with a fertility specialist with empathy can be useful.

Dr Irene Prantalos has these skills and is loved by her clients and has many other skills such as facial rejuvenation and her own branded Salubre products on the shop.

There are many common causes of infertility in women and they vary from patient to patient however here are a few that we see regularly:

  • Ovulatory disorders
  • Fallopian tube disorders mainly caused by infections, abdominal diseases, previous Surgeries, and an Ectopic pregnancy
  • Endometriosis - This condition is characterised by excessive growth of the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium. Growth occurs not only in the uterus but also elsewhere in the abdomen, such as in the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the pelvic peritoneum
  • Abnormal uterus
  • Poor Dietary Habits and Lack of Regular Exercise
  • Smoking, Alcohol and drug taking
  • Early Menopause

Common issues surrounding infertility in males are:

  • Low sperm count
  • High levels of abnormal sperm
  • Smoking, use of drugs and anabolic steroids
  • Poor exercise incorporated daily
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Tight underwear- increases scrotal temperature that may decrease sperm quality
  • Health concerns that impact general health and well being
  • Excessive stress
  • Excessive weight gain

When should you consult a Fertility specialist?

If you have been trying to get pregnant for quite sometime and have not been successful at it, don’t lose hope.

Fertility specialists or infertility specialists provide benefit through promoting and enhancing health through herbal medicine and acupuncture that improves reproductive health.

You want to find the best fertility specialist in Melbourne that also has experience in helping patients with general health conditions and ensure this person has a high success rate.

At Salubre Health Solutions we are specialists in infertility acupuncture and have been specialising in this field for many years.

So how does infertility acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works by regulating hormones, assisting in promoting the uterine lining to proliferate and eggs to mature. In males it assists with the production and the quality of sperm.

Fertility acupuncture treatment aims to assist in the fertilisation process between the sperm and the egg and in the implantation process of the embryo.

Salubre Health Soutions have a very high success rate in fertility treatments with our patients. Dr Irene Prantalos and Salubre Health Solutions gives hope to couples that have been trying to conceive for varying lengths of time and for couples who have given up hope.

Adding to acupuncture and fertility success is herbal remedies and good sound advice from a chinese medicine specialist.

Acupuncture gives couples hope for holding their bundle of joy and at Salubre Health Solutions we don’t just help couples with infertility acupuncture, we also teach couples what foods they should be eating to increase their fertility chances and help women manage some of changes their bodies take during their pregnancy as well as providing post natal care.

Salubre Health Solutions assist mothers with the different changes that are taking place in their bodies once they are pregnant and when you choose Salubre as your fertility specialist we will give you the best possible care and tailor made treatment designed to your specific needs.

Book now for a Fertility review with Dr Prantalos

The Best Fertility Specialists in Melbourne are at Salubre Health Solutions

We are acupuncture specialists and fertility is one aspect of our acupuncture treatments. Basically we can do alot more with acupuncture including skin treatments and many other treatments which include pain relief, insomnia and many other annoying health problems. We also enjoy providing cosmetic acupuncture as part of our treatments. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!

IVF Fertility Acupuncture Melbourne

Fertility Specialists Melbourne With thanks to for the image * Outcomes are varied based on IVF treatments, and length of participation

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