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Heal your skin with healing the relationship with yourself.

Louise Hay states,“Probable emotional cause of skin problems (hives, psoriasis, rash) is anxiety and fear. Old, buried guck. I am being threatened”in her book Heal Your Body.

Louise Hay believes every disease is connected to an emotion. Over a period of time, this emotion manifests into a diseased state, which can be seen in the body as a physiological change to the healthy state of the body.

Being in private practice now for over 15 years, I would say this connection is commonly seen in clinic and often I notice people bury this emotion so deeply within themselves they have no idea that it exists. 

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When you think of it, our skin is the barrier between our body and the world. If we are trying to protect ourselves from the world and potentially keep ourselves at a ‘safe’ distance, then this makes sense.

The challenge exists in identifying where this emotion started from and what beliefs about yourself you have been carrying around as a result of the event that created this belief/emotion. The other challenge is knowing which emotion transpired and how this plays out in the decisions you make.

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I was seeing a kinesiologist regularly some years ago and this was something I wanted to work on. At this stage, my skin was pretty healthy but I did have some spots on my legs. During our sessions, one defining moment was when Kate asked me, “What happened when you were 8 years old?” I had to think for a moment but it didn’t take long before I remembered a time in my life that certainly was a ‘defining moment’.


When I was in grade 2, my Auntie came to collect myself and my cousin with her neighborhood friend. When I proceeded to enter the car, my Auntie stopped me and told me there was no room for me in the car. I was quite confused as I wasn’t sure what that actually meant. So I moved away from the car and watched them drive off. I walked back to the school I clearly remember walking around a deserted school and felt so alone, confused as to what just happened and scared as there was no one around.


It wasn’t until my mother called my Auntie to speak to me, that she was made aware of the abandonment that had just occurred. Luckily, my mother worked down the road from the school and before she had a chance to get off the phone, her employee raced out the door to come and get me.


At this moment Kate asked, “How did this make you feel?”

My response was simple, “I wasn’t good enough”

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She proceeded to tell me that this event didn’t result in the manifestation of my psoriasis but it certainly was a catalyst for it and the instigator to a belief system you carried with you for life. Now at 44, I certainly have done a lot of work to resolve this belief system and the subsequent issues that followed as a result of these emotions manifesting but it wasn’t easy and they certainly can pop up from time to time in specific situations that can trigger this emotion.


So, if you are dealing with a chronic illness and more specifically a skin condition, are there any defining moments in your life that changed your own perception of yourself?


A very common behavior I see in private practice is the behavior of self sabotage. This is especially commonly seen in people who are trying to manage chronic illness.


If you are asking yourself, “Why are you constantly making choices that have a negative impact on your health?” then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you ‘used to’ or ‘comfortable’ being ill?
  2. Does your illness serve a purpose?
  3. What would it mean if you could be healthy again?
  4. Are you making choices (dietary, lifestyle, relationships, friendships) that will only make you sick? If so, why?

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Everything we do is a direct result of a belief we have. It may be a conscious belief or sub conscious belief, nevertheless it will still have a strong impact in every decision we make.


Today’s blog post may have triggered a few unresolved issues that you may have buried deep inside. The truth is these emotions need to brought out and to the forefront so you can deal with them. Must we deal with everything at once? Absolutely not.


A gentle and effective way to bring these emotions to the forefront is acupuncture. Many times I have had patients comment about having more clarity in what they need to do in their life. This can extend out to their private life, work environment, career or anywhere they are feeling stuck. It truly is incredible to see this unravel with very little discussion on the issues that have transpired.


The reason is because acupuncture doesn’t allow things to be buried in the body. I have had patients feel emotional during acupuncture for something that happened over 20 years ago. We never spoke about this during the consultation as it wasn’t something that was an immediate concern for the patient.


Another resource that may help you is a book written by Brandon Bays, The Journey. A very interesting book on how emotions manifest into physical disease. It does mostly look at cancer and benign growths (as this is the experience of the author), however you can take some great insights into asking yourself the right questions that will uncover the potential reasons behind your health issues.



One last note I will leave you with. The body is not a 2 dimensional being. There is great depth to each and every one of us and when the body has lost its harmonious state of being then it is paramount you look at the events that preceded this to truly heal the body.


This can be more challenging then the disease itself but ask yourself, “Am I worth it?”