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How to identify a toxic person.

I was prompted to write this article as I have heard the term ‘toxic people’ being used a lot in social media and even in conversations with patients in my clinic.

It got me thinking what does it mean to have a ‘toxic person’ in your life? Do they know they are ‘toxic’ or do they think that perhaps you are ‘toxic’?

The word toxic actually has a very strong connotation to it and when applied to a person it is even greater. It is easy to assume a toxic person is someone who is angry or abusive or demeaning, but in fact a toxic person can be far more subtle than that.

In fact, the toxicity is really a reflection of that person’s circumstances, beliefs and previous experiences that have framed them into the person they are. That is the exact reason why they are toxic.

Each of our experiences has made us who we are. It has created our mind, body and soul to function in a particular way. When an external influence (a toxic person) sways you into believing something else or shifting you from being your authentic self, that can be truly toxic to your body and your journey in life. I

t’s important to not confuse this with personal development books you may read or courses you may do. I believe we each know deep inside of us what is the best thing to do and what you need to get you to where you know you belong.

What characteristics can a Toxic Person have?

In my opinion a person can become toxic who is impacting your journey in life. If they are not supporting your decisions, or put down any ideas you have for your future, or encourage you to second guess a life changing decision or don’t support you in your endeavours.

Now, this may be due to them fearing you will fail so it may come from a place of love. But that in itself is not love. It may be an important lesson for you to fail as that will lead you down a direction you may not had considered earlier.

I should mention that there will be times someone has gone down a similar path to you and believed their experience will help you navigate a better path for yourself so that you can save time, money, heartache etc.

When you are in tune with yourself you will then make the right decision as to who can help you and who is simply suppressing your growth.

I would love to hear your experiences around this topic.

Do you have toxic people around you?

What is it about them that makes them toxic? What made you realise they were in fact toxic? What did you do when you realised this? Did you stop spending time with them or have a chat and told them this is what you need to do and would rather have their support instead of their critique?

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