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Why Do So Many Diseases Start In The Gut?

The practise of Traditional Chinese Medicine always looks at how well the digestive system is working.

Are nutrients effectively absorbed?

Is the waste completely eliminated through the bowel?

When assessing someone’s health ailments these questions form a strong understand as to how disease in this particular person has manifested and more importantly, which herbs and acupuncture points will restore the body back to optimal health.

The belief that the digestion is the power house to the entire body is the fundamental reason why illness presents. So what upsets the balance within the gut?

  1. Poor Diet: A diet rich in greasy, fatty foods, cold/raw foods, sugar, allergens (consuming foods you are allergic or intolerant to), and refined foods upset the healthy functioning of the gut.
  2. Chronic Stress: The impact stress has on the liver will have an indirect affect to the gut. It can slow down digestion, increase acid in the stomach, cause nausea / acid reflux / belching and so many more. The liver and digestion work hand in hand so if one organ is affected, then this will offset to the other.
  3. Poor Gut Health: All these factors disrupt the healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. When bad bacteria starts to out number the good, then many diseases can manifest.
  4. Over Thinking/Over Worrying: These two emotions attack the stomach specifically.
  5. Weak Constitution: Genetically, we acquire a part of our constitution from our parents.
  6. Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices: Smoking, drinking, late nights, lack of exercise…….you know the rest. All lead to poor digestive health.
  7. Illness: When health is compromised, simply the existence of the diseased state will upset the normal functioning of the body. As our body is one system, an imbalance in one organ system will offset to the other, which will only exacerbate disease.
  8. Medications/ Recreational Drugs: Despite whether drug intake is for recreational use or medical use, drugs will change the natural physiological processes in the body. This will disrupt digestive health among many other systems in the body.

So how do you improve all this? Firstly, take note of where you are contributing to your poor or challenged health.

What can you change?

What can you start doing?

Seeking the assistance of a health practitioner can help you with making key changes to your health in addition to utilising herbs and/or acupuncture to restore your health. As there are many levels to our health, a great practitioner will identify areas that may need attention, where you had otherwise been unaware of. If it’s outside their scope, they can refer you to someone who will help you along your journey to optimal health.