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Why must Guttate Psoriasis be treated differently to other forms of psoriasis?

Did you know psoriasis affects 2-3% of the world’s population? That is over 15 million people world wide affected by skin that sheds every 4 days instead of the normal 28 day period.

Now let’s throw in guttate psoriasis.

The reason why I believe guttate psoriasis won’t necessarily be included in this stat is due to its transitional presentation.

Ok so let me break this down for you. Generally, the cause of psoriasis includes stress, hormonal factors, genetic factors, and dietary factors. Guttate psoriasis presents after an infection (commonly throat infection) has been experienced. I want to discuss with you the different way we (as health care practitioners) need to treat guttate psoriasis compared to other types of psoriasis. As I mentioned, guttate psoriasis presents after an infection; most commonly a throat infection. Within days, the sufferer will have small lesions of psoriasis all over his/her body. This may only affect a specific area or the entire body. Traditionally, guttate is treated just the same as any other psoriasis but this won’t get rid of it. I am someone who had erythrodermic psoriasis in my teens and 20s and would never want anyone to suffer from this unnecessarily.

Guttate psoriasis treatment must be as follows:

  1. Treat the infection and vent the pathogens. If treatment is given and the pathogens that have caused the guttate psoriasis are not removed from the body, then the psoriasis won’t completely heal and will definitely present when the patient is run down.
  2. Recommend dietary changes to naturally boost the immune system to fight the infection as well as a diet that reduces inflammation from the skin.
  3. Bathing in sea salt water or colloidal oatmeal will reduce itchiness and redness in the skin.
  4. Sun therapy may exacerbate the lesions for some patients so keep an eye out if you lay in the sun or after UV treatment.

Step 1, stated above, is essential for this condition, I have treated numerous patients over the years with this approach with great results. Obviously there is no ONE treatment for EVERY person, however it is really important to understand what causes a disease to present. This will always highlight the treatment strategy of each individual and also how to encourage a healthier person by targeting the disease and managing its symptoms.

Have you or anyone you know suffered from Guttate Psoriasis? It can be tough to deal with as many have a sudden onset with no clear warning.

Share you story with us or if you think someone you know would find value in this article share this amongst your friends.