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Summer Time Tips…..How to get the most out of this Season

Living in Melbourne, you quickly come to terms with the inconsistency in weather within each season. This summer has been no different. With only just 16 days into summer we have had 36 degree heat to hail all within a couple of days.

Nevertheless, I thought it’s a great time to share a few summer time tips on how to get the most out of the warmer weather.

Handy Tips:

  1. Summer is a time of growth as the weather starts to warm up. So connect with nature by waking early and taking long walks in the early morning sun.
  1. Often people notice their appetite reduces and they crave salads and other light meals. This change in appetite is the body responding to the possible weight gain during winter and so to encourage healthy weight loss to minimise any strain on the digestive system.
  1. Enjoy the summer sun in the early part or latter part of the day. By sitting outside for only 10 minutes you will be able to increase your vitamin D stores in your body. Vitamin D has many important functions in the body to promote immune health, skin health, fertility. This vitamin has been known to improve the symptoms of a variety of auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis.
  1. Earthing is a great way to use nature to improve your health and state of mind. This is a practice whereby you walk barefoot on grass enjoying the fresh air. What appears to happen is that the energy from the earth improves vitality, mental clarity and relaxation. Ideally choose a place with minimal pollution such as parklands.
Next week’s blog is all about what foods are best to be enjoyed during summer and those that are recommended for this time of year.