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The challenges around being defined as Infertile!

Infertility is defined by a couple’s inability to conceive a pregnancy after trying for at least a year. Infertility is a unique concern couples have as visits to the doctor would not be necessary if the couple didn’t have the innate desire to become parents. This innate desire in itself is unique as some people have it while others don’t.

It seems to be a topic in which many have an opinion that is directed to ease the angst (I think??) of the one challenged by infertility. Commonly comments such as, “if you just relax it will happen” would be used to put the person at ease however having an opposite effect.

The truth is I started treating fertility and women’s health issues very early on in my private practise to avoid treating psoriasis sufferers as it was an illness too close to home and I needed time to deal with it.

Little was I to know, some years later I would find myself in a similar predicament. Initially, I didn’t take it very seriously as I knew I had spent decades focusing on my skin and now I just had to change my focus to improve my fertility. Some time passed and nothing happened. My journey of infertility shared with my husband was one filled with life changing lessons in which now that we have our beautiful boy is easier to reflect upon.

Admittedly during the journey my husband and I, like many other couples, found it difficult to discuss our struggles with others and kept most of our personal moments to ourselves. Being a Chinese Medicine practitioner and treating couples challenged by infertility never became an issue. In fact, I knew more as I too was dealing with similar obstacles and I was over the moon when patients would announce their pregnancy.

As health practitioners we aren’t immune to having our own obstacles in life. I believe each of us can share our experiences to help and enlighten others while they struggle with similar circumstances. Finding someone who you can speak openly and honestly with and without the fear of judgement is a true treasure in life and if you have someone like that, nurture that relationship as they are hard to come by.

With Infertility Awareness Week this week, I would love to hear about your journey. Often this can help by surrounding yourself with people who understand and can empathise with your situation and possibly help you see things from a different light.