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Episode 18: Fermenting your way to healthier skin.

We have all heard that we need to improve our gut health and to incorporate nutrient rich foods into our diet. Fermenting our food is one way we can introduce good bacteria into our gut but who has time.
To guide us along this path, Jayta Szpitalak, is a Holistic Nutritional Health Coach, a Mental Health Therapist and the Founder and Director of Fermentanicles, an award winning brand, centred around providing fermented and sprouted foods that are rich in nutrition.
A fascinating look into the intricacies of enhancing grains and seeds such as flax and chia seeds to enrich our health, as well the remarkable benefits fermented turmeric and black garlic to conditions such as psoriasis, arthritis, mental health and so much more.
I would encourage everyone to watch/listen to this podcast as Jayta shares recipes and tips on ways to enhance the flavours in your current diet and how to get this nutrition into our fussy eaters. Small changes can have a remarkable impact on our health.
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