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Under My Skin Podcast: Interview with Dr Sohial Farzam, Chinese Medicine

Often when we are struggling with ill health, our journey can lead us down various paths. I know personally my journey led me down many twists and turns and although each turn had an extremely valuable lesson to learn, I struggled with the lack of immediate relief. In fact, it took 7 years before I tried Chinese medicine and found the solution I so desperately had been searching for. 

In this podcast episode I interview Dr Sohial Farzam, a Chinese Medicine practitioner with 20 years of experience, a lecturer and educator and a person who’s passion to empower leads him to help us navigate through the world of instant gratification and psycho-emotional imbalance.

Dr Sohial has recently founded the “International Integrative Mental health Conference – A Chinese Medicine based Event”. This is the first of its kind conference in the world solely focused on Mental Health. The conference hosted some of the greatest speakers, clinicians from around the world.

If you are struggling with wanting your dreams to happen now but are disheartened by the time in which it is taking to happen, then this is a must watch for you. Dr Sohial dissects what it means to have goals, desires and intentions and how the need for instant gratification can often lead us to change paths in our life when in fact the best approach may have been to persevere. I hope you enjoy the next 67 mins and I would love to hear your thoughts or inspirations that popped up.

Watch Under My Skin Podcast: Interview with Dr Sohial Farzam, Chinese Medicine