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Podcast 33: Bringing clarity to your life through Journaling

Life gets pretty hectic and most times we are sorting through thousands of thoughts per minute.

In amongst our daily duties, we must eat nutritious meals, workout regularly, meditate, socialise and be happy. It sounds exhausting because it is.

Hang on, throw into the mix ill health.

What happens to all this when your health is compromised? Well from personal experience and what I see daily in my clinic, the chaos is just more intense and ill health reaching a point where most often people collapse in a heap.

I have one very simple solution that will alleviate A LOT of angst, clear your mind, increase productivity and most importantly improve your health.

So what it this you say? Journalling!!!!

I know it sounds super simple but the reality is when you take all those thoughts, feelings, chores, scheduled meetings etc..... out of your head I guarantee your head will fill lighter, YES physically lighter. Stress blocks productivity and creativity and makes your body feel heavy and unmotivated.

Tune into this week's podcast show and grab a pen and paper and transform your life in minutes.


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