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Podcast 37: When You Think You Can’t go on Any Longer: Domestic Violence

A journey of domestic violence, plagued by depression and anxiety that lead to freedom and a new career in helping people to overcome heartache and live again.

Life is filled with challenges for each and every one of us. Many times these challenges come when we least expected but each and every challenge, whether we recognise it or not, is here to teach us something.

Christine Heart Savage was faced with domestic violence that was not only impacting herself but the health of her children. Christine found remarkable ways to “break through the black curtain of depression and anxiety” and free herself and her children from what seemed like an impossible situation to run from.

Listen to this incredible interview and share with us your story of struggle that turned it empowerment. If you are still in a situation that is challenging to you, sharing with others (anonymous comments can be sent to as there is nothing you are going through that no one else has experienced before.


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