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Podcast 39: What if your toxic relationship is with yourself?

Chronic Illness can be devastating to deal with and often it has a collateral effect to those around the person afflicted with it.

By no means am I suggesting anyone would want to remain ill, however,. something very strange occurs when a person has been struggling with their health for many months or even year? The illness can actually form part of their personality, treatment becomes some sort of daily ritual and life without it can perhaps feel a little strange.

I personally understand this strange phenomenon as this was something I experienced myself and see it extremely often in my patients. This can also extend out into choosing a life partner that inadvertently perpetuates illness to keep you in this state of unhealthy dependence.

So I thought it was essential to discuss this and identify why human nature can often lead down this very 'unnatural bond' between sufferer and illness.

Join me on Episode 39 to dissect the mind and empower us into transforming our life with life coach, Cheryne Blom.


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