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Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a skin condition that affects all ages. From infants to adults, eczema can affect anyone at any time. So why is this skin disease so common?


Well, firstly a pregnant woman’s immune system alters when they are pregnant which gives rise to T Helper 1 cells dominance. This T1 dominance gives rise to eczema, sinusitis and hay fever, which most pregnant women can attest to.


When a baby is born, they are born with this altered state and in some children this doesn’t seem to rectify.


There are other issues that can affect this such as dietary factors, allergies to mother’s breast milk (by way of what the mother is eating), formula and the list goes on.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is essential to clear the inflammation in the skin to help the healthy skin to present.


There are many natural ways in which TCM can assist this process via nutritional advice, assessment of gut health, overall health issues and so on.


This assessment occurs during a consultation with Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine) where past and present history is discussed and a deeper understanding is gained.


In adults, the information gathered may be different but the approach essentially is the same.


At Salubre Skin Clinic, our focus is for natural skin treatments that focus on treating the skin condition from the inside out. Topical support is provided if needed as this can compliment and assist the other treatments.

If you would like to have a consultation with Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine), who suffered terribly with psoriasis as a teen and in her early twenties, we invite you to a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how Salubre Skin Clinic can help you.