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Is your psoriasis driving you mad?

Incessant itchy skin, red patches and fear of someone noticing is all too common for a psoriasis sufferer. Trying to find a solution just makes you spend more money to find little relief. 

The reason why psoriasis is so hard to find reliefis because it requires a multi-faceted approach to reduce the inflammation in the skin which then slowly reduces the thickness of the psoriatic lesions.

A multi-faceted approach incorporates nutrition, stress management, skin health, overall wellbeing and lifestyle factors. By creating an anti-inflammatory life your body will heal from the inside out which effectively helps in the management of psoriatic disease to reduce future flare frequency and severity.

Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine) knows too well as she was covered from head to toe. Spending many years on trying to find a solution led her down the path of studying Chinese Medicine just to try and help herself out of a very challenging time with her health. After being hospitalised twice and being told there was nothing conventional medicine could do, Dr Irene tested many therapies.

Chinese Medicine worked for her and has a great effect on her patients as the focus is on reducing the inflammation in the skin, NOT suppressing the immune system. Supressing the Immune system will only cause side effects in the body that lead to future flare ups and more distress and pain.

Each person's journey is unique and we have all been on the roller coaster of wellness and illness.

The GREAT NEWS is you have choices:

1. Keep managing your skin issues topically with 100% natural products tailored for inflamed skin such as psoriasis and scalp psoriasis.

2. Get to the bottom of the psoriasis with one-on-one consultations with Dr Irene.  These are available both in clinic and via Zoom or phone consults.

Patient case study: Based on treating psoriasis with herbal medicine and treatment plan.

Patient case: One – on – one consults with Dr Irene "The good news is, I'm continuing to improve with my skin around 95% clear (even acquaintances keep commenting on the improvement) and there's been no recurrence of psoriatic arthritis other than an occasional twinge which fades away pretty quickly and doesn't really affect me. I am back to using my hands pretty well now and can walk quick a distance without any problems other than my flat feet! Even the nail psoriasis seems to be improving. 

Plus I have lost 8 kilossince I saw you last and my energy levels, motivation and sense of can do are all very good and I'm even spontaneously doing things which previously overwhelmed me. The other thing is, I've been spontaneously waking with the sun most mornings and feeling refreshed and ready to go. This is a huge change for me after so long. 

I have really appreciated you sticking with me and supporting me through all the (not so highs) and the lowest lows. It's been quite an endurance race (well hardly a race, maybe a saunter!) I feel like I've turned the corner. 

Thank you Irene!" 

Patient case 2 (pictured): "I'm so happy with how my skin has improved. It was tough initially with all the changes I had to make to my diet but it has been so worth it. I just can't believe how much my skin has improved. I never thought I would get rid of it but it has. Thank you so much Dr Irene."

If you are ready to get off the rollercoaster and start living your authentic life, contact Dr Irene on 

03 9888 4129 or book online here 

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Salubre Therapeutics is formulated with healing oils, Chinese botanical extracts and luxurious nourishing butters that have been traditionally used to reduce inflammation in the skin, reduce itchiness by hydrating the skin and increasing movement in the skin. Always consult your doctor before applying anything new onto problematic skin.

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