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Skincare Tips from Dr Irene Prantalos | Salubrious Skin Podcast

Dr Irene Skin Care Solutions

Welcome to Skincare Tips from Dr Irene Prantalos.

The one thing Dr Irene doesn't lack is passion especially her passion to help others. Having erythrodermic psoriasis (which means it covered her entire body) in her teens and early 20s, lead to countless times of pain, fear and uncertainty.

Anyone going through any health issues is often met with the same emotions; looking for someone to help them ease their pain.

That is why this website has an enormous amount of information you can search for and use immediately. Our blog, podcast and YouTube channel are focused on delivering information on nutritional tips, skincare tips, lifestyle tips and mindfulness and meditation to help you understand and effectively manage your health.

This being said, seeing a qualified health practitioner is essential to restoring optimal health and wellness. There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to healing the body; and recognising these essential pieces will help your body heal from any issues you are experiencing.