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10 signs you most probably have candida.

April 19, 2017

10 signs you most probably have candida.

Candida is a term that many know, but have no idea what it actually means or more importantly if you have it how do you treat it.

Here is a list of health concerns you may have as a result of candida overgrowth in your gut:

  1. You have skin issues – psoriasis, eczema, hives or other skin rashes.
  2. You suffer from an auto-immune disease.
  3. Digestive upsets are a common occurrence.
  4. Thrush and other vaginal irritations occur frequently.
  5. You enjoy a high sugar diet/refined carb diet.
  6. You have intense cravings for sugary foods or drinks.
  7. You suffer from fungal infections – either toes or fingers.
  8. Emotions are all over the place and worse pre-menstrually.
  9. Reproductive health issues – period pain, infertility, heavy bleeding etc.
  10. Consistently tired and exhausted – despite the amount of sleep or rest.
So if this is you what do you do?
  1. Stop all sugar, yeast, dairy, alcohol, coffee and red meat, fried/greasy food from your diet.
  2. Eat foods high in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, D and Zinc.
  3. Eat plenty of wholefoods, legumes, fruits and vegetables.
  4. Enjoy a vegetable juice daily.
  5. Include probiotics as a daily supplement.
  6. Enjoy herbal teas that include Burdock, Dandelion, St. Mary’s Thistle, Sarsaparilla or Red Clover
  7. Have a squeeze of fresh lemon in warm water before breakfast every day.
  8. Plenty of filtered water.

If after doing all this you are still struggling with health concerns, then it is best to see a natural health practitioner to guide you through this process and prescribe you herbal medicine that will further assist with managing the over growth of candida albicans. Its important to mention the challenges associated with specific health conditions can be a result of many factors.

By following the list above, it can be a great starting point, but your road to optimal health may require you to peel away many layers to get to the root cause of the issue. This becomes your individual journey that never stops teaching you about yourself and your health.

Share with us the story of your journey so far. It may be that you are feeling stuck or have had a big epiphany (like I recently had) that has completely transformed the way you interact with life.

I think I’ll go do number 6 now and have a cup of herbal tea, Irene

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