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Coconut Oil and how it can heal Psoriasis

Coconut Oilhas been discussed widely by nutritionist, the media and even supermodels (Miranda Kerr).

Often when i hear of super foods or something that can cure everything i usually try and avoid the hype. With coconut oil its different as it can help so many ailments and is to cheap and available for everyone.

Before i tell you of the great health benefits for psoriasis it's important to use coconut oil that is organic, cold pressed and virgin which means its the oil that first comes out when the coconut meat is pressed out.


Coconut oil has the ability to deeply moisturise the skin both when incorporated into your diet or applied topically. The oil is made up mostly of saturated fats, being rich in Lauric acid. We all know saturated fats should be avoided as this increases cholesterol on the body leading to heart disease etc. But this saturated is different based on the molecular structure of coconut oil.

So as a result coconut oil helps metabolic syndrome as it reduces insulin resistance increases HDLs (good fats) and lowers LDLs (bad fats). Importantly these fats are metabolised by the body and used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

So the Functions are:

1. It has antiseptic and anti – inflammatory effects which help reduce inflammation in the skin.

2. Help improve digestive health through promoting a healthy metabolism while having an effect in reducing abdominal fat. Researchers have found that psoriasis sufferers whom carry more abdominal fat reacted less favorably to the same treatment given to participants that had very little abdominal fat. This research suggested that the fat located around the abdomen somehow interacted with the medicines given in the study and as a result the psoriasis in the over weight participants didn't improve.

3. Coconut oil reduces in sugar cravings. Naturally, what happens when people have poor digestive sysytems they tend to crave sweets and other carbohydrates. These cravings can be reduced as the coconut oil as it's metabolised by the liver efficiently and used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

4. Researchers have found coconut oil reduces insulin resistance. Additionally, researchers have also found that psoriasis is linked to insulin resistance which results in an increase in inflammation in the skin. So if insulin resistance can be reduced by a low carbohydrate diet, increased physical activity and an increase in resistance training, then the coconut oil will further reduce resistance leading to a reduction in psoriatic lesions.

5. Coconut oil boosts immune function as it contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. By taking a teaspoon twice a day, you will increase immunity and potentially prevent the development of a cold or even influenza.

6. Finally, coconut oil regulates thyroid function and hormones as well. This occurs through coconut oil rebuilding cell membranes and increasing enzyme production to assist with the manufacture of hormones. These physiological functions should be working at the optimal level to ensure healthier looking skin.

Personally, i have consumed 1 teaspoon twice per day of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil for the past 3 months. I definitely have noticed an improvement in my own psoriasis my melasma on my cheek and a reduction in comedomes ( white heads) around my jawline.

Yes i do follow a strict psoriasis diet and exercise regularly but the benefits to my skin were considerably noticeable when i incorporated the coconut daily within the first month. You've got nothing to lose just give it a go!