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Improve your skin when endometriosis is the trigger.

Endometriosis is defined as an inflammatory condition that impacts the reproductive system. The reality is that the extent of the inflammation can affect other areas of the body such as the skin, digestion, mental state and also lead to the presence of other auto-immune diseases.


When it comes to skin health there are 2 significant variables; hormonal disharmony and inflammation in the body that can lead to sensitivity in the skin resulting in red/irritated skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis.


The important approach to resolving these complex conditions is to look at the body as one system. To compartmentalise the body will only lead to a poor diagnosis and skewed approach resulting in the ineffective treatment and management of both the endometriosis and skin concerns.


Mainstream medicine can often complicate the issue as their primary treatment of endometriosis is the contraceptive pill. This often disrupts skin health and in many mental health as well. Despite the impact to these significant areas of health; the pill is advised to be taken continually that leads to intentionally missing periods which further effects the healthy regulation of hormones.


So, what’s the solution to improving skin health?

As a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner we will always look at the symptoms and signs the body shows as insight into what needs to be addressed. As a sufferer, you can first start with changing your nutrition and lifestyle choices. This is a significant way to improve the level of power you have in your health; as often inflammatory and auto-immune diseases leave the person feeling powerless and fearful of what the future holds.


Sensitive skin is common in those affected with endometriosis; this being a result of inflammation in the body causing the epidermis to become dehydrated and more reactive. While addressing the internal situation with specific treatment such as herbal medicine will have a positive impact on the skin, a more accelerated approach would be to help the skin topically.

 sensitive skin skincare

Pure Delicacy has been formulated with sensitive skin in mind. The herbal botanical extracts, healing oils and vitamins are chosen specifically for their positive impact on sensitive skin. Remember there are 2 goals we need to do when helping sensitive skin rejuvenate:

  1. Reduce inflammation in the skin
  2. Increase hydration in the hyperlipidic layer that will improve the integrity of the skin

When these 2 areas are addressed, the skin’s natural ability to heal takes over and the skin improves.


The importance of a complete skin care routine can be witnessed best in these circumstances:

Gentle Cleansing Lotion - cleansing the skin with a soap-free cleanser will remove dirt from the skin’s pores

Active Green Tea Spritzer – hydrates the skin and further removes the dirt to lift away anything left behind by the cleanser

Botanical Hydrating Masque – exfoliates the skin gently with a pink clay to allow the build up of dead surface cells to be removed which allows the other active ingredients from the range to enter the skin and continue the rejuvenation of sensitive skin

Hydrating Treatment Serum – a light deeply hydrating serum with botanical extracts that delivers anti-inflammatory effects straight into the skin

Restorative Day Cream – rejuvenating and hydrating the skin to aid in the repair of the damaged skin barrier.


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If you are unsure if these products are right for you, then book in for a free 15 min skin assessment. This can be done in-clinic in Surrey Hills and online via Zoom.


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