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IVF Acupuncture Melbourne | Proven success for couples

 Currently experiencing a 70% success rate * in Fertility treatment using Acupuncture, Dr Prantalos is a specialist in IVF acupuncture and has helped create many of Melbourne's beautiful babies with the unique pain free fertility treatment.
If you are looking for a good fertility acupuncturist in Melbourne then look no further.
Proven track record and 100% affordable
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Benefits of IVF Acupuncture in Melbourne
The best solution for fertility
1. The costs are significantly lower than other traditional IVF boosting treatments.
2. IVF acupuncture has no invasive procedures, Acupuncture is gentle and soothing
3. No stressful demanding schedules, book in at a time that suits you
4. Acupuncture for fertility can be done in conjunction with IVF fertility treatments
5. Acupuncture can be combined with Chinese Medicinal solutions safely
6. Acupuncture can also be done on men to help increase chance of pregnancy
7. Our IVF Acupuncture treatments have a very high success rates.
8. We can treat other issues at the same time
Looking for the best fertility specialist in Melbourne?

The Salubre Health Solutions team of fertility acupuncture specialists are some of the most experienced Melbourne has to offer.

This area of acupuncture focuses on all the same areas as IVF acupuncture, while aiming to promote better reproductive health through addressing concerns such as:

- Menstrual irregularities

- Period pain, endometriosis


Addressing such health concerns is vital to enhance fertility and it is beneficial for each couple to get assessed before embarking into acupuncture for fertility or IVF.

It is useful to give your practitioner 6 months before you wish to start trying so that both female and male fertility can be enhanced.


Acupuncture for fertility focuses on improving fertility for women through regulating hormones, promoting circulation to the uterus and improving egg quality.

In men, the focus on male fertility is to improve sperm quality through improving count, abnormality and motility. This is achieved through acupuncture and herbal medicine that aims to improve general well being and assure the body is working as optimally as it can.

Acupuncture for IVF is a little different to natural fertility as the treatments for IVF acupuncture is focused on assisting to improve egg quality, thicken the uterine lining and assist with implantation and pregnancy after embryo transfer.

The treatment protocol for IVF acupuncture is directed by the IVF cycle that has been chosen by the IVF fertility specialist.

Depending on the drugs chosen and the focus on the IVF treatment, acupuncture Melbourne enhances the affects of the drugs given.

With one in six couples being considered infertile many are turning to alternative therapies for assistance.

One therapy that has shown to have great results is Traditional Chinese Medicine. This modality incorporates acupuncture and herbal medicine to improve one’s general health and well being.

At Salubre Health Solutions, we offer some of the best services available when it comes to fertility and IVF acupuncture in Melbourne.

How does Acupuncture for Fertility work?

IVF Acupuncture works by regulating hormones, assisting in promoting the uterine lining to proliferate and eggs to mature. Furthermore, in males acupuncture assists in improving sperm quality by increasing sperm count and motility and reducing abnormality.

In addition, fertility acupuncture treatment aims to assist in the fertilization process between the sperm and egg and in the implantation process of the embryo.

Fertility acupuncture works by inserting fine sterile needles in specific points on the body to promote the flow of ‘qi’ and blood throughout the body. The points chosen vary with each individual as their body’s constitution is unique to them.

This process initiates the release of specific chemicals in the endocrine system which may effectively improve endocrine function therefore assisting in improving the chances of conception.

The type of fertility acupuncture chosen depends on the medical history of the couple as well as previous treatments used which indicate current health status. Treatment protocol differs depending on whether it’s acupuncture for fertility or IVF Acupuncture.

Fertility acupuncture in Melbourne that can help with women’s health issues

In regards to fertility acupuncture and herbal medicine, these can help to ensure a regular menstrual cycle with regular ovulation and enhancing hormone regulation throughout the menstrual cycle.

Often these basic physiological functions are affected by various illnesses such as endometriosis and PCOS, or it may be secondary infertility where once a woman has had children, her menstrual cycle doesn't return to normal.

Whatever the reasons fertility acupuncture will aim to assist in enhancing reproductive health to promote fertility.

Generally, Treatment for Natural Fertility consists of:

1.Recording body temp to identify irregularities in hormonal regulation, menstrual cycle and ovulation, which are then addressed with acupuncture for fertility

2.Addressing any health concerns affecting fertility such as, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, thyroid imbalances, weight issues, etc.

3.In men, improving sperm count, motility, morphology and reducing the level of abnormal sperm.

A clinic that specialises in acupuncture for IVF in Melbourne

For some couples, conception can only be achieved through assisted fertility, which includes Ovulation Induction, IUI, IVF and less commonly used now GIFT.

Regardless of the reasons, our team of specialists in IVF acupuncture in Melbourne can assist you in improving your chances of conception.

Recent research has shown that acupuncture can assist in pregnancy rates though combining acupuncture and IVF (BMJ 336: 545 doi: 10.1136/bmj.39471.430451.BE (Published 7 February 2008).

However it’s important to note that with research all subjects must be given the same treatments and as we know we aren't all the same. That is why the IVF acupuncture you receive will be tailored to address your individual needs to promote a positive outcome.

Generally, IVF Acupuncture focuses on:

1.Improving egg quality.

2.Improving the thickness of the uterine lining.

3.Assist with embryo implantation and assist with sustaining the pregnancy to full term.

IVF Acupuncture Melbourne

Fertility Patients – 100%

Natural Fertility – 63%

IVF/Assisted Reproduction – 37%

Natural Fertility Statistics –

Age Groups:

26 – 30 yrs old – 17%

31 – 35 yrs old – 46%

36 – 40 yrs old – 23%

41 – 45 yrs old – 7%

>46 yrs old – 3%

Reasons for Infertility - PCOS – 11%

Unexplained infertility – 65%

Habitual miscarriages – 6%

Other – 3%

Duration of Treatment before Pregnancy was Achieved - 1 month – 38% 2 months – 11% 3 months – 21% 4 months – 3% 5 months – 3% 6 months – 1.5% 7 months – 0 8 months – 4% 9 & 10 months – 0 11 months – 1.5% 12 months or greater – 4% Patients that ceased treatments – 15%

Analysis: The above results indicate that 70% of patients that continued the treatment fell pregnant within 3 months with 38% being in the first month. It is important to note that some patients received treatment for 3 months prior to trying and this included mostly the patients with PCOS or Endometriosis or those with Habitual Miscarriage.

IVF/Assisted Reproduction Statistics –

Age Groups - 26 – 30 yrs old – 14%

31 – 35 yrs old – 51%

36 – 40 yrs old – 30%

41 – 45 yrs old – 5%

>46 yrs old – 0%

Number of IVF Cycles before starting Acupuncture - 0 cycles – 44%

1 – 2 cycles – 38%

3 – 4 cycles 9%

>5 cycles – 9%

Number of IVF Cycles done after Commencing Acupuncture and having a Successful Pregnancy - 1 cycle – 51% 2 cycles – 12% 3 cycles - 5% 4 cycles – 2% >5 cycles – 4% Did not complete treatment – 26%

Analysis: The above results indicate that 68% of patients that continued the treatment fell pregnant through assisted reproduction and acupuncture/herbal medicine within 3 months with 51% being in the first month.

It is important to note that some patients received treatment for 3 months or more prior to the first transfer that was combined with acupuncture.

In addition, the 26% that are included in the category of did not complete treatment include patients that didn’t return after their post transfer acupuncture session. This makes it difficult to accurately determine the accurate number of success with acupuncture. It also supports independent studies that suggest acupuncture can increase success rates of IVF by 40 – 60%.

IVF Acupuncture Melbourne

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