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What is Salubre?

Dr Irene Prantalos. Founder of Salubre Health Solutions

Salubre is a specialist clinic specialising in enhancing fertility with acupuncture and consultations, pre-natal care, women’s health, cosmetic acupuncture and promoting general health and wellbeing through herbal medicine, acupuncture and diet therapy.

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat a huge array of illnesses that vary in severity. Irene Prantalos, like many others, had obstacles in her life from early on.

It all began when she developed psoriasis, a chronic skin condition, at the tender age of 11 years. Years went by seeing countless specialists with no avail, until she came across the healing power of Chinese herbal medicine.

With the dramatic improvement over just two months, the only path to choose was to enter university and find out more.

Two degrees later and a clinical internship in China, success prospered in her health and in others too.

Utilizing her own experience and education Dr Prantalos formed a successful consulting clinic in Melbourne which helps many people to this day. However there seemed to be something lacking.

Many asked for added assistance either through drinking a beverage that would help in their healing or a topical application that would improve a variety of skin presentations. With her continual desire to help and educate others on how to enhance one's health, Salubre was born.


Salubre was so named as it is French for something that is favourable to or promoting one's health.

Salubre teas and cosmeceuticals utilize nature's pharmacy to enhance one's health both internally and externally. The main focus has been the implementation of traditional Chinese medical philosophies to enhance minor health complaints and improve one's quality of life through herbal teas.

In addition, dietary and lifestyle recommendations are provided to complement and assist in achieving effective and long lasting results.

While the cosmeceutical range addresses a variety of skin presentations aiming to enhance one's innate beauty.

I support the Australian Natural Therapist Association.

Hi Everyone, Finally over months of looking into blogs and deciding how I wanted to go about this, my blog is finally here.

I want to use this first post to introduce myself to those of you that don’t know who I am and what I do.

My training is in Chinese Medicine and I have been now practising for over 10 years. The reasons for getting into Chinese Medicine where purely selfish as I had severe skin complaint called psoriasis from a very young age. For many years I struggled terribly with it, visiting numerous dermatologists with no help. It wasn’t until 1995 I went to a Chinese medicine lady out of pure desperation as the western medicine fraternity had failed me so badly.

Within 2 months I had “normal” skin and so I decided to study Chinese medicine to learn more about it and most importantly help keep my skin healthy.

Ironically, after graduating from RMIT university, many expected me to treat skin complaints as a specialty but the trauma I experienced as a child made it difficult to assist those in need due to my own pains about it.

Years later after being healthy for a lengthy period of time my mind set changed and I was able to provide those in need with specialised assistance not only due to my training but also my close relationship with dermatology and what’s needed to get the results.

In addition, I specialise in the areas of enhancing fertility, pre-natal care, women’s health, cosmetic acupuncture and promoting general health and wellbeing through herbal medicine, acupuncture and diet therapy.

My experience over the past decade has seen a need amongst the community for herbal teas to benefit general health and well being.

So in 2007 I formulated a range of herbal teas using Chinese herbal medicine as the principles behind the formulations and called them, Salubre Teas.

Similarly, with assisting many people through cosmetic acupuncture I found many of those patients wanted something beneficial and natural to use on their skin, so in 2010 we launch Salubre Cosmeceuticals.

We find these benefit all women of all ages and have found alot of our IVF acupuncture clients love the skincare range.

Based on my experience and often having similar questions asked on a daily basis, this blog will provide various informative topics on a wide range of areas. Additionally, I would love your feedback on concerns you may have and perhaps questions you are finding difficult to answer.

Enjoy the posts,

Warm Regards