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Are you keeping an eye on your Moles?

Regular mole mapping can save your Life!

This week’s blog post is centered around Mole Mapping.

Many of us enjoy the sun at various times of the year whether it's while we are on holiday or in our own surroundings. This is great for encouraging healthy vitamin D levels in the body, but it is essential to keep an eye on your moles.

There are also many ailments such aspsoriasis that receive great benefit from the sun or UV treatments and for people in these circumstances it is even more important to keep an eye on your moles.

Mole mapping is done by a dermatologist or some General Practitioners also do this as well. Often patients may have a mole that they are concerned by, either the shape of the mole has changed or the colour. The doctor will assess this as well as looking at other moles on the entire body.

A tool called a digital dermoscopy system takes clear photos that can be analysed immediately and used as a comparison for future mole mapping sessions as well.

It is important to stay on top of your moles as even the smallest of moles on an area of your body such as your back may get missed and soon become life threatening.

Incorporate this into a regular routine health check and you can feel comfortable to enjoy the sun and keep the health of your skin thriving.  

Quick Tips on Sun Care:  

  1. If you are enjoying the sun on your next holiday perhaps try and only stay 10 mins outside the peak times of11am - 4pm.
  1. Keep your skin covered to avoid getting sun burnt.
  1. Avoid solariums - Although they are beneficial to people with psoriasis or those of you that enjoy a healthy glow in your skin, unfortunately you aren't monitored by a health practitioner and your skin can alter as a result of overuse, giving rise to skin cancers such as melanoma.