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“My father/mother/friend/sibling has psoriasis, what do you recommend?”

"Yes this is a real picture of my legs. I often use stock images, but lets be honest. My advice here was based on my experience and this picture reflects where I was at age 19."

This is a question I get asked on a regular basis; the truth is I struggle to answer this effectively for a number of reasons.

  1. What type of psoriasis do they have?
  2. How are they treating it?
  3. What exacerbates their psoriasis?
  4. What food is consumed on an average day?

Here, I’m expected to make a recommendation and I have no information; but they are desperately wanting something to go back and tell their loved one there’s hope. So I thought, how about I share the sequence in which someone can go about changing their health to address their psoriatic disease.

Now I may get scolded for saying this but biologics just don’t work; they aren’t a treatment they’re a means to doing something when you are quite not ready to face the music. The reason I say this is purely based on the act of suppressing the immune system. Suppressing the immune system can only continue for a short period of time until your body rebels and starts over riding the suppression. Then typically you are directed to stronger biologics until your body can’t take it anymore; in other words liver and kidney function tests come back telling your doctor you need to be taken off these medications.

Does that mean you simply come off the biologics?

Well that could result in a major flare up (if you already aren’t in one) which will only lead to more physical pain and depression. So these steps are also great for those want to come off biologics as well as anyone else wanting to manage their psoriasis.

Ok let’s take this in steps and if you are already doing a step then head onto the next step:

STEP 1: Detox the GI Tract The aim here is to help you change your diet into more of an anti-inflammatory one and start repairing and restoring your gut health. If you are seriously wanting to be healthier and have healthier skin I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is you have to stop all alcohol, added sugar, red meat (occasional lean lamb), dairy, and gluten.

The GOOD NEWS is: Omitting these foods from your diet for 6 weeks will change your taste buds and cravings and you no longer will want to have these types of foods PLUS you will feel healthier and look healthier too so you wont want to go back to where you were before.

STEP 2: Nutrition for Healthy Skin The foods you omitted during step 1 basically need to be continued. That’s because this is your new normal. Those foods you eliminated contribute to having a leaky gut. A LEAKY GUT allows toxins to enter the blood stream; and since our blood stream is NOT a garbage dump, typically our immune system will recognise the toxins and act which leads to an auto-immune disease. So it is ESSENTIAL to enjoy an anti-inflammatory diet ALWAYS.

STEP 3: Positive Mindset Let’s be honest! STRESS impacts EVERYONE with PSORIASIS! So if you are feeling stressed and can’t change the circumstances that are casing your stress then you MUST meditate several times a day. If you are feeling wired, you may not feel meditation is doing anything BUT IT IS. Find a group to learn different ways to meditate or buy a CD that helps you calm that mind at home.

STEP 4: Find a TREATMENT that addresses the REAL REASON YOUR PSORIASIS EXISTS. To truly treat this disease means to eliminate the inflammation in the body that is leading to an over active immune system. Your body is not a DUD it is protecting you from something it deems toxic to your health. Your remove the toxin then your immune system will stop over acting.

Also it is essential gut health and any other health concerns are dealt with. This may include seeking assistance from a number of different health practitioners. At one stage I was seeing the following health practitioners:

GP – for glutathione IVs

Kinesiology – Deal with emotional traumas

Myself for herbal medicine, vitamins and acupuncture

Meditation classes

So here it is. This approach is addressing your entire body as one system and nurturing it to heal so that future flare ups are less frequent and less intense. In my opinion, any diseased state is your body bringing your awareness to something that needs your attention; nothing more nothing less.

If you know someone who can benefit from this article please share this with them. Also if you need help with these steps, our online program covers all these steps in depth. Simply click the link below for more information:

5 Steps to Target and Manage Psoriasis