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To Detox or not to detox.....

Detox diets have saturated our television commercials, magazines, radios, and newspapers.

Often they are associated with claims that weight loss will occur in weeks or sometimes even days.

Unfortunately we live in a time of wanting results yesterday and we aren't prepared to make compromises to our diet to get it.

Over winter we all tend to gain a little weight and often when spring arrives we try and source a detox program to get us back into shape.

Weight loss is easily achieved if your digestive function, thyroid function, and hormonal regulation are optimal. Simply reduce the calories that you eat and increase the energy expenditure you do.

The only detox diet I would recommend is the one listed below. Dramatically starving yourself and consuming drinks that contain all sorts of unhealthy ingredients isn’t ideal to eliminate toxic build up.

This detox program utilises strategies to promote better digestive health and the efficient elimination of toxins through the gastrointestinal tract.

Detox Program

  1. Follow your blood type diet
This diet suggests that your blood type indicates which foods specifically enhance your health and which are considered to be toxic to you. The “toxic foods” can promote disease and accelerated ageing. For instance, people that have Blood Type O are meat eaters as they can metabolise meat very efficiently and should incorporate running and athletic activities in their fitness regimen. Blood Type A people eat more vegetables and should limit the amount of meats they eat. Their type of activity should be calming such as yoga and tai chi.
  1. Go Organic
Where possible consume organic meats, fruits and vegetables and only small quantities of low GI foods (¼ – ½ cup) 1-2 times per day. Chickens are often fed hormones to increase their weight at a dramatic rate. These hormones are then ingested by us and impact the receptivity of our own hormones. This has linked to possible infertility and other hormone related problems.
  1. Drink two-three litres of warm filtered water daily
This is to promote hydration in the body as well as the effective elimination of toxins circulating in the body. You will find that whether you are trying to detox or trying to improve the state of your psoriasis, an intake of 2-3 litres in the day will assist the detox process. This is purely due to the hydrating impact of water to our body and the improved digestive function in eliminating wastes that occurs when drinking copious amounts of water.
  1. Stop all sugar, alcohol, caffeine and smoking

These elements introduce more toxins in the body making any detox program you're undertaking ineffective. To be effective you need to stop entirely all irritating foods during a detox.

5. Relaxation methods Yoga and meditation will help calm the mind and promote the detoxifying process. These relaxation techniques improve general health and promote wellbeing. If your body works optimally the process of eliminating toxins will be quick and efficient, making the detox process more effective.

6. Mild to moderate exercise It’s a great way to promote blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins through the bowels. The large intestine is a muscle and exercise tones all the muscles of the body. The result is improved peristalsis of the large intestine and regular bowel movements.

To maximise the detoxification process you can include Sereni-tea and Digest-and-Detox-Tea into your regimen.

Click on these links for further information. To achieve optimal health, I recommend this detox program be overseen by a healthcare practitioner to ensure that it is suitable for your health and that it is done for the duration it is needed to be done to gain the desired outcome.

Leave a comment below and let me know felt during the detox, whether you had an increase in energy or any questions you might have leave them in the comments section below and I will answer them for you.