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EP. 01: Irene shares her psoriasis journey; the fears, the struggles, the solution.

Irene’s journey with psoriasis started at the age of 11 with only a few scattered spots on her body. By the age of 16, those spots had spread to cover her entire body.

In this episode, Irene shares her challenges and her triumphs in finally alleviating psoriasis and how she managed to do it with food, natural medicinal therapies and the love and support of her family. It wasn’t an easy road to stay on, but the determination in wanting to regain her health helped her preserver during moments when there was no hope.

Whether you personally have psoriasis or are struggling with an illness that seems to be taking over your body, this episode will inspire you to look at your ill health from the place of opportunity and power. It isn’t often we realize the value in our adversities, but this value is priceless as Irene shares the biggest lesson was not looking at her body as if it was attacking her (as often stated by having an auto-immune disease) but in fact her body was protecting her from the serious diseases that would have transpired if Irene ignored the impact inflammation was having on her body.


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