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Episode 27: Using Chinese Medicine to Release Emotional Trauma

Emotional Traumas – Chinese Medicine releasing the trauma and healing the body to bring it back to a state of wellness.

A trauma comes in many forms; physical abuse, sexual abuse, chronic illness, relationship issues, bullying, isolation, genetic and so on. The intensity of the trauma varies within each circumstance and each person.

Despite the type of trauma experienced, the reaction to the body is consistent. First, the pericardium tightens so that it protects the heart from the traumatic event, but in doing this the trauma is trapped which makes the events centred on the event difficult for the victim to recall.

Second, the ‘reliving of the trauma’ also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), causes the emotions to intensify, further creating ‘blockages (diseased states)’ in the body.

Finally, unresolved trauma leads to the manifestation of symptoms or disease that is unique to the individual as much is the traumatic event.

Chinese medicine understands trauma to be a pathogen that creates blockages in the body. These blockages manifest into a diseased body. There is a method Chinese Medicine practitioners take to identify the blockages and resolve the emotional trauma.

In this episode, find out the impact emotional trauma has on the body and ways of resolving through the tools of Chinese Medicine.


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