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Podcast 55: Psoriasis Unmasked 2 - Nutrition for the Management of Psoriasis

Hello and Welcome to Psoriasis Unmasked: Part 2 – Nutrition for the management of psoriasis of a 5-Part Series to help you target and manage psoriasis to alleviate the intensity of your psoriatic disease.

If you don’t know already, psoriasis is a systemic disease, not just a skin disease so what we do in the form of diet and lifestyle factors play a huge part on the health of our skin. 

In fact, researchers have identified some very interesting facts about food and psoriasis. Psoriasis is linked to metabolic syndrome – insulin resistance...

Gluten increases insulin resistance and inflammation in the body. 

People considered ‘overweight’ seemed to be less responsive to the same western medication than those who are in a ‘healthy weight range’.


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