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Podcast 54: Psoriasis Unmasked 1 - To Detox or Not to Detox, That is The Question!

Hello and Welcome to Psoriasis Unmasked: Part 1 To Detox or Not to Detox; That is the Question of a 5-Part Series to help you target and manage psoriasis to alleviate the intensity of your psoriatic disease.

As a previous erythrodermic psoriasis sufferer, I always believe treating, curing, managing – whatever word you want to use would be so tough to unravel. When I had been to literally hundreds of doctors in various modalities of health and would get varying responses. But in the end, after spending years upon years figuring out what my own body needed and later my patients, it really didn’t need to be so hard.

Today I want to discuss the world of detox programs and diets. Are they necessary, do they help, if so which one helps and how long should you do it for?


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