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Podcast 58: Psoriasis Unmasked 5: Topical treatments essential in the management of psoriasis

Hello and Welcome to the final part of Psoriasis Unmasked: Part 5 Topical Treatments are they are a cash cow or essential in the management of psoriasis of a 5-Part Series to help you target and manage psoriasis to alleviate the intensity of your psoriatic disease.

We discussed treatments in part 4 and you may think the type of cream or ointment you are using is your treatment. As I said in the beginning, psoriasis is a systemic disease and the treatment is focused upon addressing this impact on the body. However, in addition, if you are struggling with psoriasis and/or scalp psoriasis it is essential to find relief in using a topical product.

Watch this podcast episode on what you need to be specifically looking out for and what you can try to see if it helps in alleviating itchy, dry, flaky skin.


Watch Episode 58.