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EP. 03: Part 1: Are the preservatives in food making our children crazy?

This episode shares the story of a mum’s angst associated with her daughter’s seemingly out of control behaviour.
While waiting for 5 months to see a specialist, this mum decided to take action into her own hands and unravelled the world of preservatives. Jo together with her sister Tracey, are a dynamic duo called Sistermixin, on a mission to help families understand the impact preservatives have on the behaviours of our children as well as so many other effects on the human body.
These effects aren’t only impacting children; adults are also subject to the detrimental effects these preservatives have on our health. But does this mean all preservatives have the same effect or are there specific ones we must look out for?
Tune into Part 1 of a 2-part series with Sistermixin that will amaze you with the level of deception that many companies have on how they display additives and in fact ‘natural’ food alternatives may not always be as ‘natural’ as you think.


Here is episode 1