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EP. 04: Part 1: Tips on making kids lunch boxes healthier and tastier with natural ingredients that kids will love and ask for again and again!

Today’s episodes I will be un-packing and re-packing kid’s lunch boxes.
This is a common area many parents struggle with as they want to give their kids healthy options but let’s face it kid’s are tough critics when it comes to food.
Maddie Race is a certified Health Coach, cooking teacher, recipe developer, blogger and mother of 2.
One of Maddie’s greatest loves is getting kids in the kitchen and teaching them the valuable life skill of cooking, and food education.
As the creator of a kids cooking school ‘Kids Say Yum’, Maddie has inspired and educated hundreds of kids in the kitchen.
Join us in Part 1 of this 2-part series for some very easy and helpful tips to maximize nutrients in our children; especially if your child is struggling with skin concerns, gut issues, allergies, food intolerances, behavioral issues or if you simply want to establish a healthy base with a good healthy diet.


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