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Episode 21: The Truth About Auto-Immune Diseases No Doctor Will Tell You

Quite a dramatic title but one I have experienced.

Personally having an auto-immune disease from the age of 11; I know the subtle comments I was told started to shape my perspective on myself and the prospect of my body returning to ‘normal’. In my quest to understand auto-immune diseases to their very core I realised the answer is simple; Find the cause, treat the disease!

The truth is there are 155 auto-immune diseases. That is a staggering amount of people affected by illness, but why is this happening? Modern medicine describes the cause of auto-immune diseases as being idiopathic, which means there is an unknown cause.

As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, we look at the body from a different perspective and have actually identified a number of cause of auto-immune diseases.

Tune into episode 21 and uncover the causes and treatments of auto-immune diseases.


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