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Episode 22: Can the GAPS diet reduce inflammation in the body?

Do we need yet another diet?

It feels like there is a new diet announced on a daily basis. The Paleo Diet, The Soup Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Raw Food Diet, The Vegan Diet, The Ketogenic Diet, The Atkins Diet……… and the list goes on and on.

In this episode, I learnt the GAPS diet has so many benefits to our entire body that this is certainly a diet to consider if you or your loved ones are struggling with emotional disorders, behavioural issues, skin conditions, gut conditions and loads more.

Christina from Family Health Naturally shares her experience both personal and clinical as a GAPS practitioner. She managed to heal her husband’s psoriasis with the GAPS diet which perked my ears up when I heard this on the grapevine.

So tune in and listen to the gems Christina shares in empowering us to choose nutrition that eliminates inflammation from the body to in turn heal our body from the inside out.

Tune into episode 22 and discover how the GAPS diet can change your life.


Watch Episode 22.