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Episode 23: Freeing yourself from emotional trauma with Kinesiology

Emotional trauma is experienced by every person; for some, it can be a mild case while for others it can be more significant and harder to forget.

The world of kinesiology believes we can clear emotional traumas which then clear the blockages from the body. Once this is achieved the body heals and illness resolves.

In theory, this sounds fantastic but as a practical person, I was intrigued to find out from Sarah Tynan.

Sarah Tynan has witnessed firsthand how kinesiology can change someone’s life. Sarah wanted to be able to do the same for people all over the world. So she went on to complete a full five years of Professional Kinesiology Practice study, including earning a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma, graduating as a qualified Kinesiopractor®. “Becoming a Kinesiopractor® equates to approximately 3800 hours of learning and is the most comprehensive, student-centered training in kinesiology available worldwide.” – Kinesiology Connection.

Sarah is now a qualified International Kinesiologist and a faculty member at Kinesiology Connection College where she teaches students about the principles of energetic medicine. She is passionate about natural medicine and she will help change the way you look at wellness.

Tune in for this fascinating conversation covering all things from emotional traumas passed on from generation to generation to how our experiences lodge within our cells and change the body’s physiology to potentially create disease.

Tune into episode 23 and find out how you can free yourself from emotional trauma through Kinesiology.


Watch Episode 23.