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Episode 24: Your Body Clock - Mother Nature Guiding You To Optimal Health

Do you wake up at 2am every night and can’t get back to sleep? Or do you struggle to digest lunch when you eat at 1:30pm but seem to be ok at 12pm?

You are not alone, in fact, there are reasons why this is happening.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that we live in accordance to the seasons, the time of day and other natural principles to prevent and cure diseases that bring us to optimal health.

The same way we divide the year into 4 seasons, TCM has divided the day into 12 periods, each lasting 2 hours. Each of the 12 periods correlates to a meridian in the body. We understand our body has millions of connections communicating at any given moment through the movement of our blood and vital energy (qi) which are strongly affected by our choices in the area of nutrition, lifestyle and emotional thoughts.

A study published in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that “15 years ago a breakthrough idea appeared when we realized that they (meridians) are low resistance fluid channels where various chemical and physical transports take place.

Find out in this episode which times correlate to which organ system and hear some great tips to rectify the imbalance in the body to help Mother Nature guide you to optimal health.


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