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Episode 9: The Festive Mindset: Tips to stay calm, present and focused during Christmas and create New Year’s resolutions that will work.

Christmas is not always a happy time of year and the new year came often bring a tsunami of emotions that can lead to isolation and depression.
Did you know most divorces happen around this time of year?
So to say it can be tough for so many is an understatement.
So I thought who else to shed some light and wisdom on how to deal with this time of year but a past guest, Cheryne Blom from Mindful Mummies.
Cheryne is a life coach with an incredible ability to dismantle many beliefs we hold that can be toxic for our mind and body. If this is a time of year you would rather sleep through then join us instead and get some easy and very effective tips on flipping that mindset into one that will help you free yourself from any angst the festive season may bring.


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