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Podcast 52: Entering the Subconscious Mind to Heal Old Wounds.

From the moment I gave birth to my son back in May 2015, there have been so many lessons and moments of reflection upon my own life. One distinct realisation is the fact that our babies are born so pure, without any belief, thought or perception about themselves or others, yet as adults, we are quick to displace this purity with expectations and rituals in our children that can potentially be more damaging to their health than of any benefit. 

This is the power of the subconscious mind that absorbs everything around each of us from the moment we enter this word; some would even believe (including myself) this starts in-utero.

Today’s podcast is centred on understanding the value the subconscious mind has to everything we believe about ourselves and others, as well as the incredible impact it has on our health.

Are our beliefs and thoughts our own, or are they merely a story we are playing out from our childhood experiences or perhaps the experiences of those around us?

A fascinating interview with life coach Cheryne Blom and an absolute must for all to watch to find out how you can change your health to live a life authentic to yourself and reach your fullest potential.


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